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  • Article in journal

    Bai, Xue; Yang, Lei; Hagfeldt, Anders; Johansson, Erik et al.

    D35-TiO2 nano-crystalline film as a high performance visible-light photocatalyst towards the degradation of bis-phenol A

    Part of Chemical Engineering Journal, p. 999-1010, 2019.

  • Article in journal

    Jayasinghe, Saroj; Lind, Lars; Salihovic, Samira; Larsson, Anders et al.

    DDT and its metabolites could contribute to the aetiology of chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology (CKDu) and more studies are a priority.

    Part of Science of the Total Environment, p. 1638-1639, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Knorn, Steffi; Quevedo, Daniel E

    Optimal energy allocation in energy harvesting and sharing wireless sensor networks

    Part of Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensor Networks, 2019.

  • Article in journal

    Apler, Anna; Snowball, Ian; Frogner-Kockum, Paul; Josefsson, Sarah et al.

    Distribution and dispersal of metals in contaminated fibrous sediments of industrial origin

    Part of Chemosphere, p. 470-481, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Dalberg, Tobias; Börjesson, Mikael; Broady, Donald

    A Reversed Order: Expansion and Differentiation of Social Sciences and Humanities in Sweden 1945–2015

    Part of Shaping Human Science Disciplines, p. 247-287, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Carlson, Erik

    On Some Impossibility Theorems in Population Ethics

    Part of The Oxford Handbook of Population Ethics, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Björklund, Elisabet

    Sins of the fathers?: Syphilis, HIV/AIDS, and innocent women and children

    Part of A Visual History of HIV/AIDS, p. 165-180, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Björklund, Elisabet; Larsson, Mariah


    Part of A Visual History of HIV/AIDS, p. 1-13, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Lundblad, Jonas

    Polyphonic love: A common theme in Schleiermacher and Bonhoeffer

    Part of Beyond Tolerance: Schleiermacher on Friendship, Sociability and Lived Religion, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Karakoç, Birsel

    Predicative possession in Oghuz and Kipchak Turkic languages

    Part of Possession in Languages of Europe and North and Central Asia, p. 125-148, 2019.

  • Article in journal

    Žguns, Pjotrs A.; Ruban, Andrei V.; Skorodumova, Natalia V.

    Influence of composition and oxygen-vacancy ordering on lattice parameter and elastic moduli of Ce1-xGdxO2-x/2: A theoretical study

    Part of Scripta Materialia, p. 126-130, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Sundström, Felicia

    Evidence-based policy

    Part of Behavioral Insights for Public Policy, p. 17-40, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Brosché, Johan; Sundberg, Ralph

    This Land is Whose Land?: ‘Sons of the Soil’ Conflicts in Darfur

    Part of People Changing Places, p. 59-81, 2019.

  • Article in journal

    Söderbaum, Hanna

    The Business-superman: Oligarchs Justifying Giving in Post-Soviet Ukraine


  • Article in journal

    Fjelde, Hanne; Hultman, Lisa; Nilsson, Desirée

    Protection through Presence: UN Peacekeeping and the Costs of Targeting Civilians

    Part of International Organization, 2019.

  • Article in journal

    Ramsay, Gail

    Ecological Literacy in an Egyptian Short Story


  • Chapter in book

    Högberg, Elsa

    Introduction: Modernist Intimacies

    Part of Modernist Intimacies, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Högberg, Elsa

    Nathanael West: Precarity, Empathy and Violence

    Part of Modernist Intimacies, 2019.

  • Chapter in book

    Högberg, Elsa

    Mature Works, II (1928-1932)

    Part of The Oxford Handbook of Virginia Woolf, 2019.

  • Article in journal

    Nöland, Jonas; Evestedt, Fredrik; Lundin, Urban

    Failure-Modes Demonstration and Redundant Postfault Operation of Rotating Thyristor Rectifiers on Brushless Dual-Star Exciters

    Part of IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982. Print), p. 842-851, 2019.

  • Book

    Högberg, Elsa

    Virginia Woolf and the Ethics of Intimacy

    Bloomsbury Academic, 2019.

  • Article in journal

    Milkina, Elena; Ponomarenko, Arina; Korneyko, Maria; Lyakhova, Irina et al.

    Interaction of hematopoietic CD34(+) CD45(+) stem cells and cancer cells stimulated by TGF-beta 1 in a model of glioblastoma in vitro

    Part of Oncology Reports, p. 2595-2607, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Bäcklin, Christofer L.; Gustafsson, Mats G.

    Developer-Friendly and Computationally Efficient Predictive Modeling without Information Leakage: The emil Package for R

    Part of Journal of Statistical Software, p. 1-30, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Linton, Marie

    The Concepts of Recognition and Enforcement: Bees in the European Bonnet

    Part of Remedies Concerning Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Killinger, Sven; Lingfors, David; Saint-Drenan, Yves-Marie; Moraitis, Panagiotis et al.

    On the search for representative characteristics of PV systems: Data collection and analysis of PV system azimuth, tilt, capacity, yield and shading

    Part of Solar Energy, p. 1087-1106, 2018.

  • Report

    Lingfors, David; Widén, Joakim

    Solenergipotentialen för Skånes bebyggelse enligt två framtidsscenarier


  • Article in journal

    Lingfors, David; Donarelli, Anna; Widén, Joakim

    Solenergi på kulturhistoriska byggnader

    Part of Bygg & Teknik, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Lohy Das, Jesmin; Rulisa, Stephen; de Vries, Peter J.; Mens, Petra F. et al.

    Population Pharmacokinetics of Artemether, Dihydroartemisinin, and Lumefantrine in Rwandese Pregnant Women Treated for Uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum Malaria

    Part of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Dzhambov, Angel M.; Markevych, Iana; Hartig, Terry; Tilov, Boris et al.

    Multiple pathways link urban green- and bluespace to mental health in young adults

    Part of Environmental Research, p. 223-233, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Gröndahl, Satu

    Emansipaatiota vai etnifiointia? Kielellistä rajankäyntiä pohjoismaisessa kirjallisuudessa.

    Part of Avain - Kirjallisuudentutkimuksen aikakauslehti, p. 106-113, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Avdic, Daniel; Karimi, Arizo

    Modern Family?: Paternity Leave and Marital Stability

    Part of American Economic Journal, p. 283-307, 2018.

  • Article, book review

    Kott, Matthew

    Review of War Veterans and Fascism in Interwar Europe, by Ángel Alcalde

    Part of Fascism, p. 300-304, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Sidibeh, Cherno O; Pereira, Maria J; Abalo, Xesus; Boersma, Gretha J. et al.

    FKBP5 expression in human adipose tissue: potential role in glucose and lipid metabolism, adipogenesis and type 2 diabetes

    Part of Endocrine (Basingstoke), p. 116-128, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Aaboud, M.; Asimakopoulou, Eleni M.; Bergeås Kuutmann, Elin; Bokan, Petar et al.

    Combination of searches for heavy resonances decaying into bosonic and leptonic final states using 36 fb(-1) of proton-proton collision data at root s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector

    Part of Physical Review D, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Östh Gustafsson, Hampus

    Den nya generationens svek: Modernismens självrannsakan och Hagar Olssons essäer vid tiderna kring två världskrig

    Part of Historiska och litteraturhistoriska studier, p. 181-204, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Östh Gustafsson, Hampus

    The Discursive Marginalization of the Humanities: Debates on the “Humanist Problem” in the Early 1960s Swedish Welfare State

    Part of History of Humanities, p. 351 351-376 376, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Hoffman, Lindsey M.; van Zanten, Sophie E. M. Veldhuijzen; Colditz, Niclas; Baugh, Joshua et al.

    Clinical, Radiologic, Pathologic, and Molecular Characteristics of Long-Term Survivors of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG): A Collaborative Report From the International and European Society for Pediatric Oncology DIPG Registries

    Part of Journal of Clinical Oncology, p. 1963-1972, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Royer, E. M.; Esposito, L. W.; Crary, F.; Wahlund, Jan-Erik et al.

    Enhanced Airglow Signature Observed at Titan in Response to its Fluctuating Magnetospheric Environment

    Part of Geophysical Research Letters, p. 8864-8870, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Stenmark, Mikael

    Relativism as a Challenge to Religion: Christianity, Truth and the "Dictatorship of Relativism"

    Part of Relativism and Post-Truth in Contemporary Society, p. 177-197, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Petridou, Eleni Th.; Georgakis, Marios K.; Erdmann, Friederike; Ma, Xiaomei et al.

    Advanced parental age as risk factor for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: results from studies of the Childhood Leukemia International Consortium

    Part of European Journal of Epidemiology, p. 965-976, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Magnusson, Jessica; Ekstrom, Sandra; Kull, Inger; Håkansson, Niclas et al.

    Polyunsaturated fatty acids in plasma at 8 years and subsequent allergic disease

    Part of Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, p. 510-516, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Figarska, Sylwia M.; Gustafsson, Stefan; Sundström, Johan; Ärnlöv, Johan et al.

    Associations of Circulating Protein Levels With Lipid Fractions in the General Population

    Part of Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, p. 2505-2518, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Edberg, Niklas J. T.; Vigren, Erik; Snowden, D.; Regoli, L. H. et al.

    Titan's Variable Ionosphere During the T118 and T119 Cassini Flybys

    Part of Geophysical Research Letters, p. 8721-8728, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Cardenas, Paco; Vacelet, Jean; Chevaldonné, Pierre; Pérez, Thierry et al.

    From marine caves to the deep sea, a new look at Caminella (Demospongiae, Geodiidae) in the Atlanto-Mediterranean region

    Part of Zootaxa, p. 174-196, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Vacelet, Jean; Cardenas, Paco

    When is an aster not an aster? A new deep-sea Discorhabdella (Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida) with asters, from the Mozambique Channel

    Part of Zootaxa, p. 197-204, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Schaefer, A.; Lanzilotto, Valeria; Cappel, Ute B.; Uvdal, P. et al.

    Defect-Induced Water Bilayer Growth on Anatase TiO2(101)

    Part of Langmuir, p. 10856-10864, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Nie, Junsheng; Ruetenik, Gregory; Gakkagher, Kerry; Hoke, Gregory et al.

    Rapid incision of the Mekong River in the middle Miocene linked to monsoonal precipitation

    Part of Nature Geoscience, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Hanrahan, John; Sideris, Michail; Tsitsopoulos, Parmenion P.; Bimpis, Alexios et al.

    Increasing motivation and engagement in neurosurgery for medical students through practical simulation-based learning

    Part of ANNALS OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY, p. 75 75-79 79, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Ajithkumar, Thankamma; Horan, Gail; Padovani, Laetitia; Thorp, Nicky et al.

    SIOPE - Brain tumor group consensus guideline on craniospinal target volume delineation for high-precision radiotherapy

    Part of Radiotherapy and Oncology, p. 192-197, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Trbakovic, Amela; Bongenhielm, Ulf; Thor, Andreas

    A clinical and radiological long-term follow-up study of narrow diameter implants in the aesthetic area

    Part of Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, p. 598-605, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Bolk, Jenny; Farooqi, Aijaz; Hafstrom, Maria; Aden, Ulrika et al.

    Developmental Coordination Disorder and Its Association With Developmental Comorbidities at 6.5 Years in Apparently Healthy Children Born Extremely Preterm

    Part of JAMA pediatrics, p. 765-774, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    von Fieandt, Linus; M'Saoubi, R.; Schwind, M.; Kaplan, B. et al.

    Chemical Interactions Between Cemented Carbide and Difficult-to-Machine Materials by Diffusion Couple Method and Simulations

    Part of Journal of phase equilibria and diffusion, p. 369-376, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Orsucci, Marion; Audiot, P.; Nidelet, S.; Dorkeld, F. et al.

    Transcriptomic response of female adult moths to host and non-host plants in two closely related species

    Part of BMC Evolutionary Biology, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Shukla, Vivekanand; Grigoriev, Anton; Jena, Naresh K.; Ahuja, Rajeev et al.

    Strain controlled electronic and transport anisotropies in two-dimensional borophene sheets

    Part of Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP, p. 22952-22960, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Magrini, L.; Spina, L.; Randich, S.; Friel, E. et al.

    The Gaia-ESO Survey: the origin and evolution of s-process elements

    Part of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Aaboud, M.; Asimakopoulou, Eleni M.; Bergeås Kuutmann, Elin; Bokan, Petar et al.

    Search for pair production of heavy vector-like quarks decaying into high-(PT) W bosons and top quarks in the lepton-plus-jets final state in pp collisions at root s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector

    Part of Journal of High Energy Physics (JHEP), 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Rydell, Andreas; Janson, Christer; Lisspers, Karin; Ställberg, Björn et al.

    Endothelial dysfunction is associated with impaired lung function in two independent community cohorts

    Part of Respiratory Medicine, p. 123-128, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Monge Garcia, Manuel Ignacio; Santos, Arnoldo; Diez Del Corral, Beatriz; Guijo Gonzalez, Pedro et al.

    Noradrenaline modifies arterial reflection phenomena and left ventricular efficiency in septic shock patients: A prospective observational study

    Part of Journal of critical care, p. 280-286, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Vione, Davide; Koehler, Birgit

    Modelled phototransformation kinetics of the antibiotic sulfadiazine in organic matter-rich lakes

    Part of Science of the Total Environment, p. 1465-1473, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    De Vleeschouwer, David; Auer, Gerald; Smith, Rebecca; Bogus, Kara et al.

    The amplifying effect of Indonesian Throughflow heat transport on Late Pliocene Southern Hemisphere climate cooling

    Part of Earth and Planetary Science Letters, p. 15-27, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Rostampour, Vahab; Ferrari, Riccardo; Teixeira, André M.H.; Keviczky, Tamás et al.

    Differentially-Private Distributed Fault Diagnosis for Large-Scale Nonlinear Uncertain Systems

    Part of IFAC-PapersOnLine, p. 975 975-982 982, 2018.

  • Report

    Cipullo, Davide

    Runoff vs. Plurality: Does It Matter for Expenditures? Evidence from Italy


  • Article in journal

    Miloševiç, Jezdimir; Teixeira, André; Tanaka, Takashi; Johansson, Karl H. et al.

    Security Measure Allocation for Industrial Control Systems: Exploiting Systematic Search Techniques and Submodularity

    Part of Int. J. Robust Nonlinear Control, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Broström, Erika; Jogi, Rain; Gislason, Thorarinn; Benediktsdottir, Bryndis et al.

    The prevalence of chronic airflow obstruction in three cities in the Nordic-Baltic region

    Part of Respiratory Medicine, p. 8-13, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Razmara, Masoud; Monazzam, Azita; Skogseid, Britt

    Reduced menin expression impairs rapamycin effects as evidenced by an increase in mTORC2 signaling and cell migration.

    Part of Cell Communication and Signaling, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Crona, J; Beuschlein, F; Pacak, K; Skogseid, B et al.

    Advances in adrenal tumors 2018.

    Part of Endocrine-Related Cancer, p. R405-R420, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Barbolosi, Dominique; Crona, Joakim; Serre, Raphaël; Pacak, Karel et al.

    Mathematical modeling of disease dynamics in SDHB- and SDHD-related paraganglioma: Further step in understanding hereditary tumor differences and future therapeutic strategies.

    Part of PLoS ONE, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Hofmann, Robin; Witt, Nils; Lagerqvist, Bo; Jernberg, Tomas et al.

    Oxygen therapy in ST-elevation myocardial infarction

    Part of European Heart Journal, p. 2730-2739, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Liyew, Ewnetu Firdawek; Yalew, Alemayehu Worku; Afework, Mesganaw Fantahun; Essén, Birgitta et al.

    Maternal near-miss and the risk of adverse perinatal outcomes: a prospective cohort study in selected public hospitals of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    Part of BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Klingspor, Lena; Ullberg, Mans; Rydberg, Johan; Kondori, Nahid et al.

    Epidemiology of fungaemia in Sweden: A nationwide retrospective observational survey

    Part of Mycoses (Berlin), p. 777-785, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Dunder, Linda; Lejonklou, Margareta Halin; Lind, Lars; Risérus, Ulf et al.

    Low-dose developmental bisphenol A exposure alters fatty acid metabolism in Fischer 344 rat offspring

    Part of Environmental Research, p. 117-129, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Hong, Nan-Sook; Petrovic, Dusan; Lee, Richmond; Gryn'ova, Ganna et al.

    The evolution of multiple active site configurations in a designed enzyme

    Part of Nature Communications, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Valdés, Alberto; Zhao, Hongxing; Pettersson, Ulf; Lind, Sara Bergström et al.

    Time-resolved proteomics of adenovirus infected cells

    Part of PLoS ONE, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Jordal, Malin; Wahlberg, Anna

    Challenges in providing quality care for women with female genital cutting in Sweden - A literature review.

    Part of Sexual & Reproductive HealthCare, p. 91-96, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Cretois, Remi; Lang, Lionel

    The vanishing cycles of curves in toric surfaces I

    Part of Compositio Mathematica, p. 1659-1697, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Steffel, Jan; Verhamme, Peter; Potpara, Tatjana S.; Albaladejo, Pierre et al.

    The 2018 European Heart Rhythm Association Practical Guide on the use of non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants in patients with atrial fibrillation: executive summary

    Part of Europace, p. 1231-1242, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Rakopoulos, Vasileios; Lantz, Mattias; Solders, Andreas; Al-Adili, Ali et al.

    First isomeric yield ratio measurements by direct ion counting and implications for the angular momentum of the primary fission fragments

    Part of Physical Review C, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Säfstrom, Emma; Jaarsma, Tiny; Stromberg, Anna

    Continuity and utilization of health and community care in elderly patients with heart failure before and after hospitalization

    Part of BMC Geriatrics, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Horio, M.; Matt, C. E.; Kramer, K.; Sutter, D. et al.

    Two-dimensional type-II Dirac fermions in layered oxides

    Part of Nature Communications, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Englund, Viktor

    Kamp för bättre vilkor: Vaktkonstaplar och vaktfruar fängelsernas fotfolk

    Part of Socialpolitik, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Radonjic, Andja; Terenius, Olle; Ninkovic, Velemir

    The phytopathogen powdery mildew affects food-searching behavior and survival of Coccinella septempunctata

    Part of Arthropod-Plant Interactions, p. 685-690, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Adern, Bengt; Minston, Ava; Nohlert, Eva; Tegelberg, Åke et al.

    Self-reportance of temporomandibular disorders in adult patients attending general dental practice in Sweden from 2011 to 2013

    Part of Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, p. 530-534, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Gustafsson, Britt M.; Mattsson, Kristin; Bogdanovic, Gordana; Leijonhufvud, Gustaf et al.

    Origins of STIL-TAL1 fusion genes in children who later developed paediatric T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: An investigation of neonatal blood spots

    Part of Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Cooper, Mark R.; Troll, Valentin R.; Lemon, Kirstin

    The "Clay-with-Flints' deposit in Northern Ireland: reassessment of the evidence for an early Paleocene ignimbrite

    Part of Geological Magazine, p. 1811-1820, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Attermeyer, Katrin; Catalan, Nuria; Einarsdóttir, Karólina; Freixa, Anna et al.

    Organic Carbon Processing During Transport Through Boreal Inland Waters: Particles as Important Sites

    Part of Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, p. 2412-2428, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Farrell, W. M.; Hadid, Lina Z; Morooka, Michiko; Kurth, W. S. et al.

    Saturn's Plasma Density Depletions Along Magnetic Field Lines Connected to the Main Rings

    Part of Geophysical Research Letters, p. 8104-8110, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Ruge, Toralph; Carlsson, Axel C; Ingelsson, Erik; Risérus, Ulf et al.

    Circulating endostatin and the incidence of heart failure.

    Part of Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal, p. 1-6, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Frithiof, Robert; Bandert, Anna; Larsson, Anders; Lipcsey, Miklos et al.

    Central Venous Line and Dialysis Catheter Position Affects Drug Clearance during Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in an Animal Model.

    Part of ASAIO journal (1992), 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Olsson, Karl Wilhelm; Larsson, Anders; Jonzon, Anders; Sindelar, Richard et al.

    Exploration of potential biochemical markers for persistence of patent ductus arteriosus in preterm infants at 22-27 weeks' gestation.

    Part of Pediatric Research, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Wang, Xiaoye Michael; Lind, Mats; Bingham, Geoffrey P.

    Large continuous perspective change with noncoplanar points enables accurate slant perception

    Part of Journal of Experimental Psychology, p. 1508-1522, 2018.

  • Licentiate thesis, comprehensive summary
    2005, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala 2018-11-16 13:15

    van der Meer, Dennis

    Spatio-temporal probabilistic forecasting of solar power, electricity consumption and net load

  • Article in journal

    Munkhammar, Joakim; Widén, Joakim

    A Markov-chain probability distribution mixture approach to the clear-sky index

    Part of Solar Energy, p. 174-183, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Jiao, Mingzhi; Nguyen Viet, Chien; Duy, Nguyen Van; Nguyen Duc, Hoa et al.

    Influence of annealing temperature on theperformance and stability of on-chip hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorod gassensor toward NO2

    Part of Academia Journal of Scientific Research, p. 180 180-189 189, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Johansson, Lars-Göran

    Induction and Epistemological Naturalism

    Part of Philosophies, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Munkhammar, Joakim; Widén, Joakim

    An N-state Markov-chain mixture distribution model of the clear-sky index

    Part of Solar Energy, p. 487-495, 2018.

  • Chapter in book

    Andersson, Roger; Bråmå, Åsa

    The Stockholm Estates: A Tale of the Importance of Initial Conditions, Macroeconomic Dependencies, Tenure and Immigration

    Part of Housing Estates in Europe, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Furuland, Hans

    Serum potassium as a predictor of adverse clinical outcomes in patients with chronic kidney disease: new risk equations using the UK clinical practice research datalink.

    Part of BMC Nephrology, 2018.

  • Book

    Barrineau, Susanna; Engström, Alexis; Schnaas, Ulrike

    An Active Student Participation Companion


  • Article in journal

    Zhou, Yitian; Mägi, Reedik; Milani, Lili; Lauschke, Volker M. et al.

    Global genetic diversity of human apolipoproteins and effects on cardiovascular disease risk

    Part of Journal of Lipid Research, p. 1987-2000, 2018.

  • Article in journal

    Frodlund, M.; Vikerfors, A.; Grosso, G.; Skogh, T. et al.

    Immunoglobulin A anti-phospholipid antibodies in Swedish cases of systemic lupus erythematosus: associations with disease phenotypes, vascular events and damage accrual

    Part of Clinical and Experimental Immunology, p. 27-38, 2018.