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Personal data and data protection

Read about Uppsala University’s processing of personal data.


This website is provided by Uppsala University. We want as many people as possible to be able to use the website. This website is partially compatible with the Act on the Accessibility of Digital Public Services. Contents that are not accessible are described in the accessibility report for uu.se.

Technical problems

If you have questions regarding the web servers, accessibility etc., send them to webmaster@uu.se.

Current outages and planned maintenence of the University’s IT systems

Security matters

Contact security@uu.se to report computer trespassing, inappropriate web pages, unauthorised network use, etc.


Heads of departments (or the equivalent) are responsible for information in their sphere of activity. For addresses to heads of all departments, see the University Directory.


Uppsala University’s websites use cookies. A cookie is a small text file containing information that websites store on your computer. Uppsala University does not save any personal information in cookies. If you do not want any cookies stored you can set this in your web browser.

Areas of use

Cookies are used to gather statistics of how visitors use the University’s websites. On some of the University’s websites, cookies give the user access to extra features such as webmail, ordering materials, viewing statistics and saving login status.

Disable cookies in the web browser

If you do not want the website to store cookies, you can turn that function off in your browser’s settings. You can also set up your web browser to warn you every time a website tries to save a cookie on your computer. Some features on the University’s websites will not work if you turn cookies off entirely.

More about our analytical tool for visitor statistics

Uppsala University’s website uses the analytical tool Siteimprove to get a picture of how visitors use the website. The purpose is to improve the content, navigation and structure of the website. The analytical tool uses cookies. No personal information is stored, only information about your computer and your web browser, and the pages viewed on your device. If you do not want user data to be collected for statistical purposes you can use opt out extensions in your web browser.

Information about which information our analytical tool collects.

By using Uppsala University’s website without declining cookies from third parties, you agree to allowing Siteimprove to process your information in the ways and for the purposes described above.