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For over 500 years, Uppsala University has been an engine of research, education and innovation. Many of the products, services and methods that make a difference to people around the world today are based on ideas and research results successfully developed by researchers and students, either individually or together with others.

Examples include the pregnancy test and leading methods of allergy diagnosis, as well as Nobel Prize-winning inventions such as the ultracentrifuge and electrophoresis. The 100-degree Celsius temperature scale is perhaps the most famous innovation, with more recent examples including drugs that slow down Alzheimer's disease and world-leading digital audio solutions for everything from mobile phones and cars to our homes.

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Innovation support at Uppsala University

The breadth of subjects offered at Uppsala University provides a unique opportunity to contribute to solving major societal challenges. The ‘professor’s privilege’ rule allows academic researchers to own the results of their research, allowing them to patent inventions and resell the rights or set up companies to commercialise promising ideas, for example.

UU Innovation and UU Invest AB exist to stimulate and support innovation and entrepreneurship across the University. These organisations aim to provide students and researchers with the support they need to develop their ideas into new products, services or methods, to put research results into practice in society and to start new businesses.

Unique to Sweden

UU Innovation’s role is to work with students, researchers and employees to identify, evaluate and develop the potential of new ideas and research results to ensure they have the best possible conditions to be used and contribute to a better future.

UU Innovation

UU Innovation’s role is to work with students, researchers and employees to identify, evaluate and develop the potential of new ideas and research results to ensure they have the best possible conditions to be used and contribute to a better future.

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Full support for development of ideas

This means that UU Innovation is involved at an early stage and can be brought in as soon as an idea or an application of a research result begins to take shape. The support is tailored to each idea and can include mapping knowledge assets within research projects, identifying potential needs or customers, business development, contractual issues, patent protection and other rights issues, building teams and seeking funding.

For all those who want to make a difference

UU Innovation supports the development of ideas from all disciplines and thus the development of new technological solutions, medical inventions and social innovations. Not all ideas are best developed by starting a completely new business. Sometimes it may be better to establish a collaboration with an existing company or organisation, or to sell or license your solution. UU Innovation supports different types of strategies to make the leap from idea to innovation. A core part of this work is therefore determining, together with the originator of the idea, which way forward will create the best possible conditions for the idea to succeed and have an impact.

The support is free of charge and no ownership is claimed for the ideas that receive support. The advice is confidential and there is no need to apply to receive the support.

UU Innovation’s support for researchers and other staff.

Extra boost for student entrepreneurship

In order to promote students’ interest and abilities in entrepreneurship, Uppsala University has been working closely for many years with the Drivhuset Uppsala Foundation. The Foundation helps students and graduates who want to develop a business idea or start their own business by providing inspirational activities, guidance and networking

Support to other higher education institutions

UU Innovation also has a regional responsibility to support the University of Gävle and Dalarna University within the framework of its assignment as an innovation centre (tasked by the government). This collaboration means that students, researchers and staff at these universities can benefit from the services and specialist expertise provided by UU Innovation.

There is also very close collaboration with the innovation centre at KTH, which uses UU Innovation’s services in the field of intellectual property rights.

UU Invest AB

Alongside UU Innovation, UU Invest AB operates as the investing part of the innovation support. UU Invest is a state holding company managed by Uppsala University. Its mission is to create new innovative companies based on research and expertise at Uppsala University and thereby help innovations reach the market.

The subsidiary UU Projekt AB offers pre-incubation, where a business idea is analysed and validated against the market and different technical solutions are evaluated before a company is potentially formed.

UU Invest is a partner to Uppsala Innovation Centre, or UIC, a globally top-ranked business incubator offering business development programmes for start-ups and young growth companies.

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Uppsala – a world-class innovation ecosystem

Uppsala is one of Sweden’s most innovative regions. Around the University there are strong innovation environments, a close-knit innovation support system and extensive collaboration between academia, the public sector and industry. Together they create a world-class innovation ecosystem that continuously promotes and develops new ideas and businesses.

Uppsala University plays a central role in the region’s innovation ecosystem. The city has a strong tradition in the life sciences sector, but its innovation capacity spans many different areas, including IT, technology and sustainable development. The geographical location close to Stockholm/Arlanda means that the city is well connected to the national and international business community, allowing companies and entrepreneurs to grow and create business opportunities. There is also well-developed innovation support where speed and proximity are the basis for continuous collaboration between the supporting actors of the innovation system. Many of the key actors share the same location at Uppsala Science Park, including UU Innovation, UU Invest AB, UIC and STUNS. All of this contributes to making Uppsala an attractive place for entrepreneurs and companies to develop and grow.

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Uppsala University rewards innovation

To stimulate and draw attention to the innovative power of Uppsala University, two prizes are awarded annually to individuals from the University who have helped benefit society through their innovations:

Uppsala University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award is awarded to individuals who have contributed to turning a discovery or innovation, based on research or education conducted at Uppsala University, into successful commercialisation or implementation with a significant societal benefit.

The Uppsala University Innovation Prize Hjärnäpplet is awarded to researchers and doctoral students who have made important contributions to turning research results into innovations with the potential to benefit society.


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