Welcome to UU Innovation!

Are you wondering how your research can benefit society even more? We help you discover and develop the potential of your research results. Whether you are curious about valorisation and want to know more or already have an idea you want to test, UU Innovation is here to provide you with advice and support.

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For everyone who wants to make a difference

As a researcher, you create new knowledge that can help solve small and large challenges in different areas of society. Do you want to explore the possibilities? Do you want to know how to go from an exciting research result to a practical solution?

UU Innovation offers broad support for researchers at Uppsala University, Dalarna University and the University of Gävle.

You can learn about the strategic management of research results in our course, use us as a sounding board to identify possible applications, or get in touch with an advisor who will help you evaluate and develop your idea step by step.

Our support is free and what you tell us stays between us. We take no ownership of your idea, and you don't need any prior knowledge of idea and innovation development. Moreover, you can contact us at any time.

Welcome to UU Innovation!

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Innovation is for everyone

We strongly believe that everyone has the potential to contribute to innovation, irrespective of background, research area or identity. We are convinced that a diversity of thought and experience holds the key to uncovering the best solutions. That is why we actively strive to establish an inclusive support system that is both welcoming and relevant to all. Our objective is to offer tailored support that accommodates your individual circumstances.

By working together, we facilitate new knowledge to solve concrete problems and create value for a broader audience.

Intellectual property rights of academic staff

As a university employee in Sweden, you have the rights to the results of your research. The intellectual property rights of academic staff, sometimes referred to as the Professors' privilege, also extend to doctoral students. This privilege allows you to advance your results and contribute to their application beyond the purely academic context.

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