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Student life in Uppsala and Visby

We believe that life outside of the classroom is just as important as inside, which is why Uppsala University, the student unions and the student nations work together to make your time as a student as enjoyable and inspiring as possible. As a student at Uppsala University you have the power to influence your studies and help to shape your learning environment. While you are here, we encourage you to get involved, get to know your fellow students and make your voice heard in the student body.


While you are a student your campus is your workplace. This is the meeting place for researchers, teachers, and students, and where you will make important connections and build your network. Uppsala University has two main study areas, in Uppsala and in Visby on the island of Gotland. In total, there are eleven different campuses, which all include teaching, research and independent study areas, a library and at least one restaurant or cafe. To gain access to the premises and the various campus resources you need a campus card.

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Health and fitness

Student life can involve many different things. Are you interested in playing sports, exercising and keeping fit in your student city? In Uppsala and Visby you will find different sports centres and training facilities, clubs for you to join, and athletic organisations. If you are an elite athlete you can receive guidance and support from Uppsala University to help you combine your studies with your training.

Health and fitness

Academic traditions

By now you have probably heard about some of the activities taking place in Uppsala on Walpurgis, or Valborg, but within university itself there are many other traditions, symbols and celebrations that date back hundreds of years and are still a natural part of academic and student life today.


As a student at Uppsala University you can enjoy a rich cultural life, including mummies, gardens, dinosaurs, old books, great music and beautiful artworks. As a student you will receive free admission to the university museums as well as free admission or a student discount to many of the university's concerts and other cultural events.