Master's studies


Prospective students

Students from outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are required to pay application and tuition fees to study at university level in Sweden. Students are liable to pay for each course in which they are registered. Fees cover application and tuition alone and are not related to accommodation, academic literature or the general cost of living. If you want to read extra courses outside the programme you have to pay for these. If you fail a course you are registered on, you will not be reimbursed or able to use the fee for another course.

The application fee for all non-EU, EEA or Swiss students is SEK 900.

The cost of individual Master’s programmes can be found by selecting the programme you are interested in and reading the information under Admissions.

Every Bachelor's and Master's programme has a study plan. As a fee-paying student at Uppsala University you have to follow this study plan. If you for some reason need to make a change in your study plan, it is important that you contact your programme coordinator/director.

How to pay

Exemptions from application and tuition fees

Some international students will be exempt from paying student fees. For example, you are not required to pay application and tuition fees if:

  • You are a Swedish citizen
  • You are a citizen of a country within the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland
  • You have a permanent Swedish residence permit
  • You have a temporary Swedish residence permit that was granted on the basis of something other than studies
  • You have had a temporary Swedish residence permit that was granted on the basis of something else than studies, and before it had expired you applied for prolongation or renewal, on the basis of something else than studies, and the Swedish Migration Agency has not yet determined your case (this cause for exemption is only valid from October 2, 2017)

Detailed information about fee exemption can be found on If a fee-paying student’s residency status changes during their studies (e.g. they are granted European citizenship), they must submit documentation to Uppsala University to certify the change. They may no longer be required to pay tuition to continue their studies, however in residency status after the commencement of studies will not warrant any form of retroactive compensation.

Exchange and PhD studies

Formal exchange students at Uppsala University are exempt from paying application and tuition fees for their exchange courses at Uppsala University. Third cycle studies (Doctoral/PhD programmes) are also free of charge in Sweden, and PhD students are exempt from paying application and tuition fees for courses taken as part of their research programme at Uppsala University, regardless of citizenship. However, if a PhD student wishes to take a course at Master's or Bachelor's level that is not included as part of their PhD programme, application and tuition fees may apply. You can find more information on the following link:

Tuition fees for PhD students.

Current students

Information about fees for current students.


If you have any questions regarding tuition fees or how to make a payment, please send an email to: or call:

Kristof Aerts, +46 18 471 19 26
Tomas Högberg, +46 18 471 19 30
Sofia Ling, +46 18 471 75 63

One of them is always available on the phone between 10:00 and 11:00, Monday to Friday. Otherwise, they will answer if they have time.