About the Centre for Image Analysis

CBA was founded in 1988 and was until 2014 a collaboration between Uppsala University (UU) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). From an organisational point of view, CBA was an independent entity within our host universities until 2010. Under the auspices of the Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology at Uppsala University, CBA is today hosted by the Department of Information Technology (IT). Majotity of researchers associated with CBA are affiliated with the Image Analysis Unit (a part of Vi3 division of the Department of IT).

CBA has a regular seminar series since the beginning of the 1990’s. Every Monday afternoon during term time, we gather for a seminar on a broad range of topics related to image analysis, with an average of about 15 listeners. This activity is being conducted also via zoom, which enables us to occasionally invite external speakers, and accommodate an increased number af internal and external participants.

CBA strongly supports international collaboration and exchange: a number of scientists working in the field of image analysis worldwide have been visiting CBA, and researchers associated with CBA have been visiting their groups. This is one of the important activities of the Centre.

CBA has, over the years, hosted many international conferences on topics related to image analysis. Our researchers are active, and well recognised as members and leaders in international and national professional societies. In particular, CBA is well represented in the Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis (SSBA); our members take part in many of the activities organized by this national organization.

CBA is actively engaged in numerous activities and partnerships contributing to the recognition of image analysis as a strategic research area, both at a national and a local level.

CBA activities in the period 1993-2021 have been summerised in the CBA annual reports.

Board of CBA 2023–2024

  • Chairperson: Johan Wikström, Department of Surgical Sciences
  • Anna Foka, Department of ALM, Centre for Digital Humanities
  • Lennart Thurfjell, Combinostics
  • Filip Malmberg, Department of Information Technology
  • Ingela Lanekoff, Department of Chemistry, BMC
  • Matteo Magnani, Department of Information Technology
  • Orcun Göksel, Department of Information Technology
  • PhD student representative: Axel Andersson, Department of Information Technology