SweDeliver's junior researchers prepare their next career step

With a focus on lifelong learning, SweDeliver's young researchers participate in a selection of activities within the Work package Training and Career Development. First on the schedule is a series of digital lunch seminars and a Mentoring program in collaboration with the center's industrial partners.

(Image removed) Ilse Dubbelboer och Vicky Barmpatsalou, SweDeliver

Training and career development, SweDeliver's fourth work package, provides the center's junior researchers the strategic skills needed to lead the development in drug delivery. The program is coordinated by a group with broad experience of both academia and industry. One of them is Sara Mangsbo, research leader in immune-oncology, Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 and winner of Uppsala University's innovation award Hjärnäpplet 2020:

(Image removed) Sara Mangsbo, Uppsala University

“SweDeliver is an arena that enables scientific exchanges on many different levels. Together, our partners have everything we need to offer first-class training in the techniques, methods and systems that form the basis for future research in drug delivery. In parallel, we will also use SweDeliver's assembled expertise in a number of targeted activities with a focus on individual development.”

This autumn, the work package will launch a Mentoring program where the center's junior researchers will collaborate with selected mentors at SweDeliver's industrial partners. The pipeline also includes a series of workshops focusing on Life Science, as well as a course in intellectual property in collaboration with UU Innovation.

(Image removed) Susanne Bredenberg, CEO, Emplicure

“SweDeliver's doctoral students and postdocs are already driven, curious and open. Our ambition is to help them broaden their Life Science-horizons even further and build networks that reach far beyond their own scientific sphere. Given my background as a researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy, product developer in the pharmaceutical industry and, today, CEO of Emplicure, I hope to add important experience, and I already see that it also gives me valuable inspiration in return,” says Susanne Bredenberg, one of three leaders of the work package.

During the current pandemic, starting projects with a focus on personal interaction has meant limitations, but with creativity and flexible solutions, several initiatives have been tried successfully - among them a series of digital lunch seminars where SweDeliver's junior researchers present their projects.

“The seminars enable wide exposure of the research conducted within SweDeliver, and meeting online without travel time requirements allows more people in our geographically spread network to participate. Personally, I see SweDeliver as a logical continuation of Sweden's long and successful history in pharmaceutical research, and from what I have seen so far, there is every reason to have high hopes for what SweDeliver can add to our field,” says Sara Mangsbo.

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text: Magnus Alsne, photo: Mikael Wallerstedt