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SweDeliver is a world leading research and competence centre in Drug Delivery. Many novel molecules in the drug discovery and development pipeline are biological compounds such as proteins, peptides and RNA. These display problems of poor solubility, membrane permeability and low bioavailability. Thus, the Drug Delivery area is today facing tremendous challenges to develop new drug therapies.

SweDeliver was established in response to these challenges. Based on a multi-disciplinary collaboration between academia and industry with financial support from Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency), the Faculty of Pharmacy at Uppsala University is the academic hub of the Centre with 18 industrial partners contributing expertise and research infrastructure as well as industrial perspectives and needs within the three main research areas of the Centre.

SweDeliver is prioritising to focus on outstanding research challenges within Parenteral, Oral and Pulmonary Drug Delivery
The research will ultimately lead to development of new and improved drug therapies with respect to both efficacy and patient safety. The Centre will also further support the strong research environment and the drug delivery ecosystem in the Nordic region.

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