Uppsala University is a public authority and all procurement is conducted as prescribed in the legislation regulating public procurement in Sweden.

The University uses an online procurement system for its procurements. This means that all tenders are submitted as eTenders, which contributes to environmentally sound and cost-effective public procurement procedures.

As well as conducting its own procurements, the University cooperates with other state higher education institutions in various procurement projects to benefit from synergies and exchange experiences.

Most of the procurements are conducted in accordance with the Public Procurement Act (2016:1145).

As a central government authority, Uppsala University can choose to use the framework agreements procured by Kammarkollegiet for its purchases, via

More information about public procurement is available from the National Agency for Public Procurement.

How to become an Uppsala University supplier

All suppliers are welcome to tender in our procurements. We treat all tenderers equally and without discrimination, regardless of whether they have been suppliers in the past or are participating in a procurement for the first time. The fundamental principles of public procurement are objectivity and transparency.

To become a supplier to Uppsala University, you have to submit a tender and be awarded a contract in a procurement.

Our current procurements are advertised under the heading (Current procurements).

Current procurements on the Kommers Annons website

How to tender

You download the procurement document from the procurement system.

Tenderers need to read the procurement document carefully, including any appendices. If a tenderer has any questions about the contents, for example, if something is unclear, we encourage them to inform the University in writing as soon as possible via the procurement system so that clarifications or supplementary statements can be made if necessary.

You submit your tender electronically in the procurement system, in the manner and in accordance with the terms specified in the procurement document. Tenders that deviate from the set requirements or contain reservations to the set terms and conditions may be rejected. Tenderers must check that their tender includes all the information requested.



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