About the Department of Economics

Our department has a proud and long history that began in 1741 when the first professorship in economics in the Nordic countries was established by the Faculty of Law in Uppsala. The first professor in Economics was Anders Berch. After Anders Berch, Pehr Niclas Christernin took over the professorship, but after he left his chair, the subject of economics disappeared from the university. It would be almost a hundred years, at the end of the 19th century, before economics returned to Uppsala as a subject with the arrival of David Davidson.

Today, the Department of Economics is a thriving academic institution with around 100 employees from different parts of the world. Our department has a broad and diverse range of activities, including teaching at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels. Each year, around 1000 students participate in our programs, reflecting the high level of interest in the subject of economics.

Our research focuses on several areas, including labor economics, macroeconomics, political economy and public economics. Our researchers are recognized for their expertise and often contribute as advisors to public debates and the media. We strive to be an active part of society through various collaborative initiatives.

We are proud of our history and look forward to shaping the future by continuing our research and education in economics.

Welcome to our department!


Ekonomikum på sommaren

Brief facts

  • About 1000 students per year
  • Over 100 staff members from around the world
  • An international master's program
  • Postgraduate program with around 50 doctoral students
  • Outstanding research in fields such as labor economics, macroeconomics, political economics, and public economics