More information about TSL Liquidation, the organization, liquidation plan, methodology and more will be available here shortly.

Avvecklingsprocessen  med pilar

Decommission current work

Work is currently underway with mapping, measuring, declassification of different types of waste, for example:

  • "green" waste = equipment far from beam lines = declassifiable -> conventional waste
  • "yellow" waste = equipment closer to beam lines = declassifiable -> conventional waste

When waste is cleared, it is subsequently handed over to a procured waste recipient for recycling.

detektor för att mäta aktivitet i lokalernas väggar

Decommission history

During the years that liquidation has been going on, we have managed a lot of things, partly simple cases but also more complicated ones.

The radiochemistry lab was decommissioned first, here there were chemicals, radiation sources and radioactive contamination which required a different approach from the rest of decommissioning.

We have disposed of a large amount of different waste:

  • leftover equipment that can be used by others = Surplus
  • "blue" waste in different fractions = not exposed to radiation = clean which makes it conventional waste
  • concrete in various forms, such as blocks, beams and other forms
process för att friklasssa lösa betongblock

Before decommissioning - historical conditions

More information and background history and facts about the plant in operation will be here shortly.

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  • Elin Hellbeck
  • Elin Hellbeck, Head of Department, Project leader, Phone: +46-18 471 3850, +46-704 25 09 95