Register with the Swedish Tax Agency

The Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) handles the population register, ID cards and taxation in Sweden.

Population Register

If you are staying in Sweden for one year or more, you should register as a resident at the nearest office of the Swedish state service center. Once you do so, you may be entitled to Swedish social and health-care benefits. You will receive a unique 10-digit Swedish personal identity number (personnummer). You will be able to use this number to simplify a range of transactions in Swedish society, such as acquiring an identity card, taking out home insurance, and visiting a doctor.

To become registered in the Swedish population register, you must apply in person. The required documents to bring to the Swedish state service center office depend on your citizenship and if you move with or move in with your family member. Prepare your visit by filling in the Swedish Tax Agency’s e-service "Move to Sweden" before the visit.

More information about population registration and what documents to bring at the Swedish Tax Agency's website

Visiting address for Uppsala City State Service Office: Kungsängsvägen 31c (Mon-Fri 10-16),

Visiting affress for Gotsunda State Service Office: Valthornsvägen 7 (Mon-Fri 10-16).

Visiting address for Visby State Service Office (Gotland): Artillerigatan 11 (Mon-Fri 10-16).

To apply for an ID-card, you must book an appointment in advance.

Coordination number

An individual who is planning to stay in Sweden for less than one year cannot be registered in the Swedish Population Register. However, the individual can be allocated a coordination number by the Swedish Tax Agency. A coordination number makes it easier to interact with Swedish public authorities, employers, schools, banks etc.

Read more about and apply fo a coordination number at the Swedish Tax Agency's website.