Research at Uppsala Centre for Business History

UCBH operates as an inter-disciplinary research environment, delving into the intricacies of business development and its impact on societal progress throughout history. This encompasses various facets of business and financial history, including the evolution of economic policies, technological advancements, environmental implications, and the broader societal effects of business activities.

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Since its inception in 2008, UCBH's research initiatives have tackled diverse topics such as trade development, banking practices, insurance markets, and market structuring.

Presently, the center also explores issues pertaining to business growth within the context of climate change and environmental sustainability.

UCBH actively encourages fresh perspectives from diverse academic fields to foster ongoing innovation and intellectual stimulation in its research endeavors.

Our wide-ranging and interdisciplinary research environment is exemplified by several ongoing projects, which are detailed below:

Research projects

Swedish Commercial Bank Database, 1866-1994, version 2.0

(Henric Häggqvist, Viktor Persarvet, Peter Hedberg, Lars Karlsson, Mats Larsson).

Download the database (xls) Excel, 452 kB.

Explanation of variables and sources (pdf) Pdf, 1 MB.