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I am currently a member of the Development team of NBIS where I work as a System Developer on projects related to the Sensitive Data Archive (SDA).

My background is in software development and statistical & computational physics where I earned my PhD. During my research work I developed the Uppsala Superconductivity code (UppSC) that interfaces ab initio and state-of-the-art Eliashberg theory numerical calculations and provides material specific predictions for superconductors.


My research combines the use of both mathematical and numerical methods. This includes Green function diagrammatic approaches like for example the use and development of Eliashberg theory but also writing code for performing computationally demanding numerical simulations in conjunction with ab initio methods. Specifically, my developed Uppsala Superconductivity code (UppSC), interfaces ab initio calculated properties of materials with state-of-the-art Eliashberg theory numerical calculations in order to provide quantitative, material specific predictions of superconducting properties. The output of the code can be used to simulate several experimental quantities like e.g. ARPES and tunneling spectra. A presentation of the code and a list of its capabilities can be found here.

I am particularly interested in the microscopic mechanism(s) of high temperature superconductivity (e.g. phonon and/or spin fluctuation mediated etc), unconventional superconductivity (including pair density waves), its competition or coexistence with other quantum states of matter (like e.g. Charge/Spin Density Waves and nematicity) and the resulting phenomenology and possible technological applications. Other topics of interest include topological materials like topological insulators and Dirac semimetals.

Examples of systems that I have worked on are,

2D materials like magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene (TBG), MgB2 and H-MgB2 monolayers, heterostructures like FeSe/SrTiO3, high-Tc and multiband superconductors like the iron based superconductors, hydrides and heavy fermions (e.g. CeCoIn5).

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