Magnus Lidén

Visiting researcher at Institutionen för organismbiologi; Systematisk biologi

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+46 70 425 03 73
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Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum, Norbyv. 18D
75236 Uppsala
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Norbyv. 18D
75236 Uppsala

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Department of Systematic Biology, researcher.

Systematics of Fumariaceae; Dionysia (Iran); Himalayan Silene.

Fieldwork: E Himalaya, SW China, Iran.

Ontology of biological systematics; nomenclature; science history.

Editor for Symbolae Botanicae Upsalienses, our non-regular journal publishing monographs and thematic papers in Systematic Botany in the widest sense.


  • angiosperms
  • corydalis
  • dactylicapnos
  • dionysia
  • flora of arunachal
  • flora of china
  • flora of himalaya
  • flora of iran
  • fumaria
  • linnaeus
  • phylogeny
  • polyploidy
  • silene
  • symbolae botanicae upsalienses
  • systematic botany


2020– 90%: Uppsala University, Systematic Biology: researcher (emeritus), editor SBU.

3–10%: Göteborg Botanic Garden: scientific adviser.

2017–2019 60%: Uppsala University, Systematic Biology: researcher (emeritus), editor SBU.

40%: Göteborg Botanic Garden: senior scientific curator.

2016–2017 Uppsala University, Systematic Biology: researcher, editor SBU

2004–2015 51–62%: Uppsala University, Systematic Biology: researcher, lecturer (editor SBU from May 2015).

38–49%: Uppsala University Botanic Gardens: senior scientific curator.

1998–2004 Uppsala University Botanic Gardens: director.

1995–1997 Göteborg University, Systematic Botany: senior lecturer.

1990 Docent

1989–1994 Göteborg University, Systematic Botany: researcher (NFR-fellow).

1987–1988 Edinburgh, Royal Botanic Garden, herbarium: researcher (8 months post-doc).

1986 PhD in Plant Systematics, Göteborg University [Faculty opponent: Clive Stace (Leicester, UK)].

1984–1985 Göteborgs stad: teacher and manager at Askim nature school.

1976 through 1997: Göteborg University, Systematic Botany: PhD-student, lecturer, etc.


A. Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Corydalis (Fumariaceae) – A monographic study of the approximately 500 species of Corydalis, including a detailed cpDNA phylogeny, biogeographic studies, nomenclature, etc. Strong focus is put on discovery and description of new species. The genus is most diverse in SE Tibet, NW Yunnan and W Sichuan. Side outcomes of the project are: papers on phylogeny and biogeography of Corydalis, descriptions of new taxa (so far about 150 new species published) et cetera. # publications: 45.

with: Chen Jun-Tong , KIB Kunming (phylogeny)

B. The genus Dionysia (Primulaceae), systematics, biology and biogeography – A monographic study of the ca 65 species of Dionysia, with emphasis on systematics, phylogeny and bipogeography. – wiith: Iran Mehregan (Tehran), systematics, field work, sequencing; Göteborg Botanic Garden, cultivation, popular outreach; Stina Weststrand (Göteborg), Sajad Alipour (Shiraz), Amin Zeraatkar (Shahrekord), field work. # publications: 13.

C. The genus Dactylicapnos (Fumariaceae), systematics and phylogeny – with: Chen Jun-Tong , KIB Kunming (phylogeny) # publications: 4.

D. Alpine and subalpine flora of East Himalaya – with: Has Jia-Chen, IB-CAS, Beijing; Pankaj Bharali, Arunachal Pradesh. # publications: 17.

E. Systematics and phylogeny of Fumaria (Fumariaceae), a polyploid complex

H. Silene [sect. Physolychnis] in the Sino-Himalayan area – with Bengt Oxelman (Göteborg)

I. Systematics of Impatiens (Balsaminaceae) – with Yu Sheng-Xiang, IB-CAS, Beijing; Rajib Gogoi, BSI Howrah.


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