Margareta Krabbe

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Biology Education Centre

Mobile phone:
+46 70 425 09 49
+46 18 471 46 87, +46 18 471 46 89
Visiting address:
EBC, Norbyvägen 14 / BMC A8:1
Postal address:
Norbyvägen 14, 752 36 UPPSALA/Box 592
751 24 UPPSALA

Short presentation

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Jag är universitetslektor i biologi (mikrobiologi) på Institutionen för biologisk grundutbildning sedan 2004. Jag undervisar, utvecklar kurser/program och har tidigare haft flera ledningsuppdrag (bl.a prefekt och ämneskoordinator i biologi). Mina arbetsuppgifter är bl.a.undervisning i syntetisk biologi och bioprocess (LLL-kurser), koordination av forskning och utbildning vid Testa center och EIT Health projekt för att stimulera entreprenörskap och innovation.



My name is Margareta Krabbe and I am senior lecturer at the Biology Education Center, a department within the section of Biology at the Faculty of Science and Technology. I started my appointment in this department in 2004 and my responsibilities today include teaching, coordination of internationalization of biology education and pedagogic development. Recently, I was appointed as the Faculty of Science and Technology coordinator of UU activities with the Testa Center at GE Healthcare. I also work parttime with the UUs EIT Health Project (


I am a proud Uppsala University alumni and studied biology and chemistry and finished a PhD within the subject of molecular microbiology 1995. I enjoyed teaching during my doctoral studies and stayed on teaching at Uppsala University for one year after my thesis was finished.
1997-2000 I did a post-doc period at University of Utah in Salt Lake City and University of California, Santa Barbara. My research was on gene regulation in uropathogenic Escherichia coli. The pap genes in these bacteria are intricately regulated by methylation, temperature and other environmental factors- a fascinating biological system to study! Back in Sweden, I started a project at Karolinska Institute, working with gene regulation in Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria responsible for causing ulcer in a large number of human beings all over the world.
In 2001, I did a career shift and started as a senior scientist at a biotechnology company called Pyrosequencing AB (today Biotage AB). The focus of the company was to commercialise the the DNA sequencing technology of pyrosequencing (sequencing by synthesis and detection by pyrophosphate release). My task was within applications of this new technology and I developed new sequence-based identification methods for different micoorganisms in collaboration with academic departments, public health agencies and commercial researchers all over the world. After three exciting years in the biotech industry, I returned to my alma mater and Biology Education Center.
In my spare time, I enjoy singing and playing the violin, classical as well as folk music and I enjoy spending time with family and friends.
Margareta Krabbe