History of Education

The History of Education is a multi-disciplinary research field concerned with various aspects of the educational past, from the history of pedagogical ideas and the emergence and shifting character of institutions, through to the media and material history of knowledge dissemination and changes in educational policy. Chronologically the field stretches from ancient to contemporary history, and it treats the entire range of education, including pre-school, school, adult education, and higher education at university and beyond. Research within the History of Education is carried out by practitioners of many different disciplines, including Intellectual History, Pedagogy, History, Sociology, Ethnology, Literary Studies, Economic History and Religion. This research offers insights upon an important part of contemporary society, by providing a broader perspective to present political and pedagogical debates.

There are a number of researchers at the department connected to the field of the History of Education, with a particular focus on the history of higher education. Several research projects, both ongoing and completed, have explored aspects of the history of the university, while the department has also hosted several national and international conferences on this theme. This interest in the History of Education is further reflected in the range of courses offered by the department.

The Department is also host to the interdisiplinary research centre Higher Education and Research as Objects of Study (HERO).

Female students at Uppsala University, c. 1903. Unknown photographer. Image courtesy of the Uppsala University Library.