Study at Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences

What do you want to learn about drugs?

How drugs act, how they are formulated, safety and risks, dependence mechanisms, metabolism, bioinformatics, molecular biology from a pharmaceutical perspective, or something else entirely? You will find a suitable education program or course with us in Uppsala!

We teach pharmaceutical sciences in a variety of courses and programmes and the courses offered by the department

  • are either basic level courses or at the advanced level,
  • some are internet based, for example, in Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics, Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacognosy,
  • are constantly updated with new research findings,
  • are led by well-trained and experienced teachers who are active researchers,
  • involve teaching carried out by professors, lecturers and deputies, as well as researchers and doctoral students from the research groups,
  • many courses also have guest lecturers from the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies and from other parts of the society.
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Postgraduate programmes


As a doctoral student, you are accepted into a postgraduate education and work within one or more of the department's research projects. You can read more about what it is like to be a doctoral student and what places to search on the links here next.

Postgraduate programmes

Do you want to do a postgraduate degree?

For postgraduate students

Who should i ask?

Entry requirements

Questions about entry requirements can be answered by course leader or program manager. The admission office at Uppsala University handles admission to courses and programs and can also answer questions about entry reauirements.


All degrees at Uppsala University are issued by the degree unit. Questions relating to the degree should therefore be adressed to them first. Through the exam unit´s website you will find more information about the various exams that are available, as well as how you go about applying for the degree.

Course and program application

Applications for our courses are made via The deadline for applications i April 15th for the autumn term and Ochtober 15th for the spring term. More information can be found at If you have questions about IKV´s courses or courses, you can contact the course leader or the program manager.

Course registration

Registration on the department´s courses is handled by the course administration.


See the respective courses/programs in Studium or TimeEdit.

Examination registration

Takes place via respective course/program in Ladok.

Credit transfer

A form can be found here