Collaboration at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

We work with municipalities, county councils, government agencies and the business community in many different ways.

The ULF agreement

Uppsala University, together with the universities in Gothenburg, Umeå and Karlstad, has been commissioned by the government to carry out a national pilot project. The project will develop and test sustainable collaboration models between academia and the school or school system regarding research, school activities and teacher education.

The ULF agreement's national website

Forum for Community Engagement

FoSam (Forum för Skolsamverkan) is an arena for regional collaboration between Uppsala University and eight municipalities: Enköping, Heby, Håbo, Knivsta, Sigtuna, Tierp, Uppsala and Östhammar. FoSam is jointly funded by Uppsala University through the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the member municipalities.

The operations initiate/support/propel mutually enriching collaborative projects, primarily in research and with a focus on professional development and operational improvement in the field of preschools/schools.

Forum for Community Engagement

Partner preschools, partner schools and business-based education (VFU)

The purpose is to collaborate on VFU in teacher training, to start collaborations between teachers and researchers and for the university to offer competence development for partner preschools and partner schools' teachers.

Business-based education (VFU) in the teacher programmes (in Swedish)

Internationalisation of schools

The Centre for Professional Development and Internationalisation in Schools (information in Swedish) works to ensure that internationalisation is a concrete reality in schools. Courses, seminars and conferences are arranged in Sweden and abroad, and tailored continuing education is provided for individual teachers, teams of teachers, schools and municipalities.

Contract education

We collaborate with municipalities, regions, businesses and authorities and offer courses for skills development and contract education.

Contract education at the Department of Education (in Swedish)

Stay in touch

Uppsala University has several international alumni chapters across the world as well as alumni associations connected with different subject areas or departments.

By being a member of an alumni association you can stay in contact with your study programme and your friends from your time in Uppsala. You will receive information about developments in your area of study and invitations to events organised by the association.

The Uppsala University Alumni Network is a global network for former students and staff at Uppsala University.

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