Contribution to sleep research at Uppsala University

16 September 2020

Person with sleep problems

A broad range of research at the Department of Medical Sciences addresses various types of sleep problems.

The Department of Medical Sciences has received a donation of SEK 600,000 for research on sleep. The donation will be used, among other things, to intensify interdisciplinary cooperation in sleep research.

According to the the deed of gift, the donation of SEK 600,000 is intended as a gift to support activities at Uppsala University’s Department of Medical Sciences, more specifically, sleep research.

“This donation is a welcome contribution to increased knowledge about sleep. Apart from being highly important for both mental wellbeing and health, research in recent years has shown that sleep plays a key role in a number of diseases and conditions,” says Eva Lindberg, Head of the Department of Medical Sciences.

The donation will be used in line with the donor’s visions of strengthening sleep research at Uppsala University.

“We conduct a broad range of research on various types of sleep problems, ranging from general sleeping difficulties to specific diseases such as narcolepsy, circadian rhythm disturbances and breathing disturbances during sleep,” Lindberg explains. “This contribution will enable us, among other things, to encourage younger researchers to engage in interdisciplinary cooperation.”

Last modified: 2021-02-14