Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences

You are welcome to contact our course administrators for help with matters concerning the department's courses. If you need to contact us at the department regarding your courses, you can reach us most easily via

On most of our courses you register yourself in Ladok for students. For most of our courses, the registration period opens one week before the course starts and closes the same day as the course starts.

Are you new student you must first activate your student account.

If you are accepted with conditions for one of our courses, you must contact as soon as possible and no later than the last registration date to prove your eligibility.

For courses that have call, you see registration information on the course start in Studium.

If you are placed as a reserve, you will be contacted by the department via e-mail if you can be offered a place. When you have registered, you will find more information about the course start in Studium. To see the course schedule you can use the Universitys schedule system.

Gradually students receive notification via Contact the course administration if the registration period is closed and you want to be registered.

If you have had a break from your studies or have other questions about your programme, contact the Faculty of Pharmacy's study guidance at

If you have steps left to supplement on any of our courses, you can apply for re-registration via form in Swedish resp. English.
Dismissed course examined 4 semesters after it has been shut down. Note: important to apply for re-registration on dismissed course before the start of the semester (January 14 2024).

Proposals for various projects that can be included in ex-jobs (independent work) can be searched in a special database. The database is common to the scientific field of medicine and pharmacy and can be used by students in all of the science area´s educational programs. Students in other educational programs also have the opportunity to search for different project proposals in this database.

Find your ex-job here!

We assist with matters related to the department's courses for pharmacists, pharmaceutical technologists, master's and bachelor's students, engineers, or independent courses.

Our course administration office A3:2 is open on Mondays from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM and Wednesdays from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

During other times, we offer appointments via email and phone. We are available Monday through Friday during office hours at