Programme Council

The programme councils are responsible for monitoring the integrity and content of the department’s programmes. This means responsibility to ensure that the programme meets its educational plan in a balanced way, including responsibility for the development of the programme, review and coordination, as well as preparation and compilation of a programme report. The chair of the programme council is the same person as the programme coordinator appointed by the faculty committee. When more than one department is involved in a programme, representatives from each department participate in the programme council and coordination is of great importance. The students must be included by at least one representative.

Tasks of the programme council

  • Monitor degree goals and evaluate the teaching so that the programmes have appropriate content, breadth and progression
  • Promote the teaching’s role in preparing students for the requirements of the labor market
  • Collaborate with all the departments that are involved in the programme
  • Discuss major changes (for example those that can affect reaching degree goals, increases or cuts in course content as well as larger changes in types of examinations) in courses that will later be processed in GUN (Basic Education Board)
  • Prepare and compile a programme report

Programme council for Master's Programme in Psychology

  • Student representatives: 2 representatives and they must be enrolled in the Masterprogramme in Psychology
  • Meetings: 1-2 times per semester, each meeting lasting approximately 1-2 hours, location Blåsenhus. Preparation time: approximately 1 hour
  • Compensation: there is no compensation for this assignment, however, participating can provide valuable experience and the student union will upon request issue a certificate of your participation
  • Language: English
  • Contact: The programme coordinator, Terje Falck-Ytter,, is the chair