Department of Sociology

Information for admitted students and applicants on waiting list

Admitted? Remember to register!

Once you have been admitted to a course or a programme, you must register to begin your studies. To register, you must first activate your student account. Then you log into Ladok for students and register for the course(s) that you are going to study during the fall semester 2023. To keep your place, you must register no later than 21th of August. Once you are registered, there is more specific course information in Studium.

Check that you have entered the correct email address in Ladok, i.e. the one you actually use, so that our e-mails reaches you.

Conditionally admitted?

If you have been admitted with conditions, you must prove your eligibility before you can register. Please contact the study administration at no later than 21th of August, to be sure of keeping your place.

Placed on a waiting list?

If you are an applicant on a waiting list, you will be contacted by email or telephone if you are to be offered a place. Remember to keep track of your spam. We start calling for reserves no earlier than 22th of August. We have no roll-call physically at campus.

Late admitted?

If you made a late application and were admitted, you cannot register yourself. You must then contact the Study Administration for registration: to be sure of keeping your place.

Semester start

The fall semester 2023 starts on 28th of August. In Studium you will find more information about what applies to your studies this fall.

Do you have any questions?

Course-specific information is available at Studium. On the Sociology department website you will find more general information about your studies. Study administrative information can be found on the page study administration and information about study guidance can be found under study guidance.