Views on donations

Donations mean a lot both to those who generously donate and to those who gratefully receive them. Meet some of those who give and receive donations at Uppsala University.

Financier Anders Wall

For many years, financier Anders Wall has shown a great commitment to Uppsala University. Through his foundations, he has funded pioneering genetic research, the Anders Wall Professorship in Entrepreneurship, scholarships for Master’s students and much more besides.

“A very special relationship”

Anders Wall.

Entrepreneur Niklas Zennström

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Niklas Zennström wants to help solve global climate problems and believes more research and education are essential to succeed. He has combined his two passions by establishing a ten-year visiting professorship in climate leadership at Uppsala University.

Ambition to help solve climate problems

Niklas Zennström.

Businessman Anders Wiklöf

Thanks to a donation from businessman Anders Wiklöf from the Åland Islands, Uppsala University has been able to establish a new centre for heart research – the Anders Wiklöf Institute for Heart Research – based on data from large-scale population registers and biobanks.

“The plan is to bring about a significant expansion of research!”

Anders Wiklöf.

Swedish-American Myrna G. Smith

For many years, Swedish-American Myrna G. Smith has supported runic research at Uppsala University. Over and above repeated generous donations, she has pledged a legacy of USD 1.5 million to support the establishment of a professorship in runology. Her ultimate aim is to secure and advance the future research environment in runology and linguistic history.

“I hope runic research will continue to develop and flourish in future too”

Physicist John Colonias

Thanks to a donation totalling USD 100,000, a new scholarship fund has been established for doctoral students at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The Colonias-Jansson Foundation will award one scholarship per year to a doctoral student, preferably of Greek origin.

“It’s my way of giving something back”

Professor Karin Forsberg Nilsson

As cancer researcher Karin Forsberg Nilsson sees it, donations create a personal relationship between the donor and the researcher. People give to the causes they care most about and so the relationship is dependent on the donor feeling confidence in the researchers and their research.

“Donations are important for good research”

Professor Tobias Sjöblom

Donations have given Professor Tobias Sjöblom and his research team the opportunity to develop better tools for more personalised cancer treatment.

“Donations make better targeted cancer treatment possible”

Professor Olof Karis and Professor Gabriella Andersson

Research in physics and astronomy at Uppsala University ranges from the unimaginably tiny to the enormously large. In research in astronomy, which extends from planetary systems and stellar physics to the large-scale structure of the universe, donations play an important role.

“Donations absolutely vital for our activities”

Master’s scholar Yan Shao

Yan Shao was one of the first Chinese students to receive an Anders Wall scholarship to study for a Master’s degree at Uppsala University. At the time, he knew next to nothing about Sweden. Six years later, he has completed his doctorate and regards Uppsala as a home from home.

From China to a doctorate from Uppsala