Your support can make a difference!

Uppsala University’s ultimate goal is for our research and education to make a difference in society in the long term. For more than half a millennium, our curiosity-driven quest for knowledge has created solutions to common challenges. In our time, we are determined to move forward in the same spirit with undiminished energy and to further strengthen our leading position.

The breadth of our research and education make us strong and rich in possibilities. Research conducted at Uppsala University helps us understand our society, makes the world a better place and improves many people’s quality of life – research that provides both new perspectives on fundamental scientific issues and knowledge that contributes to environmental sustainability, human health and social development.

Through boundary-crossing collaborations between disciplinary domains and with actors in the world around us, nationally and internationally, we can jointly build a better future. Academic research is an engine for innovation and utilisation. Creativity and innovation arise out of meetings between individuals and in the intersections between scholarly fields. The complex networks that now underpin collaborations – between research disciplines, between industry and academia, between companies and individuals – generate completely new demands for environments where research and enterprise can meet. New interdisciplinary technologies are emerging from scholarly research, whose complexity far exceeds the capacity of individual research groups.

Our current success builds on traditions of knowledge with deep historical roots. Carl Linnaeus, Anders Celsius, Olof Rudbeck and Dag Hammarskjöld are just a few of the notable names from Uppsala. Over the course of the centuries, many more of our scholars and scientists have played crucial roles in epoch-making breakthroughs that we now take for granted.

In 2027 Uppsala University will be 550 years old. This anniversary comes at a time of multiple and complex global challenges. With our strong basic research, unbounded interdisciplinary challenge-driven research and global outlook, we are well equipped to contribute to solutions. If you are interested in supporting Uppsala University, there is no lack of opportunities. Join us to help us make a difference!


Anders Hagfeldt.