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For more than five hundred years, Uppsala University has found its way in a constantly changing environment. Now ranked among the world’s foremost higher education institutions, we operate at the heart of the global society to which we belong. Uppsala University’s ultimate goal is for our research and education to make a difference in society in the long term.

Our current success builds on traditions of knowledge with deep historical roots. Carl Linnaeus, Anders Celsius, Olof Rudbeck, Erik Gustaf Geijer and Dag Hammarskjöld are just a few examples of prominent people from Uppsala. Over the course of the centuries, many more of our scholars and scientists have played their part in epoch-making breakthroughs that we now take for granted. The ultracentrifuge, allergy diagnostics, protein separation techniques and modern pregnancy tests are merely a few of the innovations originating from Uppsala University. Eight Nobel Prizes have also helped to put our University on the global map. We are determined to move forward in the same spirit with undiminished energy and to further strengthen our leading position.

In 2027 Uppsala University will be 550 years old. This anniversary approaches at a time of multiple and complex global challenges – in the environment and sustainable development, life and health, society and culture, security and peace, technological advances and innovation. With our challenge-driven research and global outlook, we are well equipped to contribute to solutions. Through boundary-crossing collaborations with actors in the world around us, we can jointly promote a better future.

However, to make even more of our strengths and to turn our discoveries into benefits for our world, we need additional long-term, independent resources.

If you are interested in supporting us, the possibilities are endless. We invite you to help us create the future. Become a part of something bigger!

Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt

Anders Hagfeldt.