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The U-CAN project’s task is to save lives. To succeed we have built a world-class biobank with tissue samples and clinical data from patients with the most common malignant tumors. U-CAN is intended as a resource for all who work to give cancer patients a better, individualized diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. The project is collaborative and succeeds due to the long-term contributions from thousands of patients, nurses, doctors and researchers.

We believe that U-CAN can become an important component in the fight against cancer also on a global scale through partnering with leading companies, universities and other organizations.

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Tobias Sjöblom, Program Director for U-CAN for scientific questions or Thomas Fredengren for questions about your donation.

Ways of giving

US tax payers can donate via American Friends of Uppsala University, making donations tax deductible.