The Stig Strömholm Prize for Humanities-oriented Research in Law and Social Sciences

Stig Strömholm in a tailcoat points to a painted portrait of himself.

Stig Strömholm, former Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University, takes in the painting produced in connection with his resignation as a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Photo: Tommy Westberg (2003)

Stig Strömholm, Professor Emeritus of Civil Law and International Private Law, was Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University between 1989 and 1997. In connection with his 90th birthday, the University decided on 16 September 2021 to establish a prize in the spirit of Stig Strömholm’s work. The prize will be awarded to a young scientist working in the Nordic region as recognition for having promoted law as a cultural expression. ‘Young scientist’ refers to a person who has taken their doctoral degree in law or another relevant subject no later than five years before the decision is taken to award the prize.

The Faculty of Law selects the recipient of the prize following considerations by a prize committee. That committee consists of the Faculty of Law’s Vice-Dean of Research, Professor Strömholm and five other members appointed for a specific period.

Faculties and departments of law throughout the Nordic region entitled to issue doctoral degrees will be invited to nominate candidates for the Stig Strömholm Prize.

The prize will be awarded for the first time in connection with the University’s anniversary on 9 October 2023.

Recipients of the The Stig Strömholm Prize

2023: Ukri Soirila, Helsinki University