Support and wider environment

Uppsala University is a meeting place for knowledge, culture and critical dialogue. The University aims to offer an inspiring and well-functioning physical, social and cultural environment. The cultural heritage, traditions and active student scene are important aspects of the wider educational context. Well-functioning work and education environments underpin education and research of the highest quality and relevance.

Uppsala University operates in urban settings characterised by development and regeneration, both in Uppsala and in Visby. The Uppsala region has a great capacity to attract people, companies and organisations with knowledge, skills andcapital. Uppsala University will be an active driver in innovation systems in Uppsala and on Gotland and will contribute to sustainable community planning. Scope will be provided for regeneration and development while allowing traditions and historical values to help create an attractive, open and inclusive environment.

Uppsala and Visby have unique university settings. Cultural values must be preserved, but equally, present-day staff and students must perceive their surroundings to be both secure and vibrant. In collaboration with the local and regional authorities and other external actors, the University will actively conduct long-term planning of both physical and social environments.

The University’s operational support services consist of the University Administration, Uppsala University Library, Uppsala University Innovation and support functions at disciplinary domains, faculties and departments. The administrative support, advice and expertise provided by operational support services providea framework that enablesthe University to conduct its principal tasks and achieve its overall goal. Operational support services also ensure that the University performs its duties as a government agency in a legal and economical manner.

Operational support will be coordinated, efficient and quality-enhancing

University-wide and local support functions must interact with and reinforce one another. Increased coordination and a clear division of responsibilities and duties will ensure the quality and efficiency of the University’s support functions. The resources allocated to support functions must be used cost-effectively and must always be guided by the needs of the University’s core activities. The University’s operational support services will develop their working methods and administrative processes on the basis of context analysis and research-based knowledge.

Technology and support will be developed for meetings and eLearning

The technology for digital and virtual meetings must be accessible, robust and easy to use. With activities on Gotland and widespread educational and research partnerships, Uppsala University needs to be at the cutting edge of technology and skills for such meetings. This requires investments in new technology and skills enhancement.

Uppsala’s unique university environment will be preserved and developed

The University has many education and research facilities, as well as libraries, museums, gardens and other operationsof high cultural historical value, located in the middle of a rapidly growing urban area. The wider academic environment in Uppsala also includes student nations, students’ unions, associations and learned societies that contribute to an attractive educational and study environment. The University’s ambition is to preserve existing environments but also to actively participate in planning for sustainable solutions that will reinforce them.

Enhanced collaboration with local and regional authorities on development

The University will be actively involved in work on comprehensive plans and development plans, both in Uppsala and on Gotland. The University is dependent on its location in attractive urban settings and can also contribute to their development.

The above text is an excerpt from Uppsala University: Mission, Goals and Strategies