Good and Bad Science, 10 credits

Academic year 2022/2023

  • Spring 2023, Evening, 33%, Distance learning

    Start date: 16 January 2023

    End date: 4 June 2023

    Application deadline: 17 October 2022

    Application code: UU-00805 Application

    Language of instruction: English

    Location: Flexible

    Selection: Higher education credits (maximum 285 credits)

    Outline for distance course: Lectures and seminars can also be attended on campus.

    Number of mandatory meetings on campus: 0

    Registration: 22 December 2022 – 15 January 2023

Entry requirements: Fulfilment of the requirements for a Bachelor's degree


If you are not a citizen of a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, you are required to pay application or tuition fees. Formal exchange students will be exempted from tuition fees, as well as the application fee. Read more about fees.

Application fee: SEK 900

Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 16,667

Tuition fee, total: SEK 16,667

About the course

Science is central to modern life and arguably central to the survival of humanity, which makes the fact that there is so much bad science out there even worse. This course illuminates what makes for good (and bad) science and science communication from different perspectives, covering the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. The lectures are designed to stimulate discussion, and the seminars provide practical experience with the developing, testing, and communicating of theories. The lectures and seminars are given by experts in their respective fields, including psychology, neuroscience, medicine, history, statistics, physics, philosophy, rhetoric, biology, and magic.

More information


Department of Philosophy

Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 H

Box 627, 751 26 UPPSALA

Course Administrator Ulrika Valdeson


Telephone: +46 18 471 72 99