Alumni benefits

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Becoming a member of the Alumni Network is a valuable way to tap into opportunities for collaboration, career growth, and foster meaningful relationships throughout your professional journey.

All of the resources for alumni are listed in the Alumni Portal.

It is important that you keep you contact details, employment information and communication preferences up-to-date. By logging in you can also review your subscriptions, memberships and choose what kind of information you wish to be sent.

Join the network

Benefits include

  • Newsletters and magazine - Log into the Alumni Portal to update your subscriptions.
  • Career counselling
  • LinkedIn group for alumni - Do you want to communicate directly with fellow alumni based around the world? Become a member today.
  • Alumni events - Keep up-to-date with all of the events and activities happening at the university by following the university's calendar. Also, make sure to join the alumni network and keep your postal address up-to-date. This will enable us to reach you with relevant invitations to events organised near you.
  • Lifelong learning
  • Skillmill - We often undergo major personal growth during our time at university. This is very positive and something that can aid us in our future careers. As these personal and professional skills may often seem abstract and difficult to pin down, Uppsala University has developed SkillMill – a digital tool that helps graduates identify key professional skills gained during higher education. Find out more about SkillMill.
  • Online shop for merchandise - You can find official Uppsala University merchandise in Uppsala University’s online shop.
  • Ladok for Alumni: The login process is done by visiting and selecting Ladok for Alumni. Freja eID+ or BankID is required.


Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about the Alumni Network.