Support for workshops and seminars

SuHRF provides financial support for organising workshops and seminars within the field of sustainable heritage, to enhance academic exchange and contact, initiate new research projects and strengthen the research environment on Campus Gotland.

Applications are submitted by scholars working at Campus Gotland and must be approved by the applicant’s home institution. Applications contributing to the development of the research environment at Campus Gotland, including collaborations across academic disciplines, are prioritised.

Funding may include costs for travel and accomodation and/or other expenses related to organisation of workshops and seminars. In case the application is granted, funds are disbursed to the department where the applicant is employed. Funding may also include costs for salary, maximum the equivalent of one week full time salary for one person, for a scholar working at Campus Gotland to organise a webinar. A stipend to invited speakers at the webinar may be included.

Applications can be submitted continuously during the year, to be assessed as quickly as possible.

For further instructions and application form, see the ‘Guidelines for Application’ document Pdf, 238 kB..

Send the application to:

Anna Karlström
Sustainable Heritage Research Forum
Uppsala University Campus Gotland
Cramérgatan 3
621 57 Visby

Contact SuHRF

Are you interested to know more about Sustainable Heritage Research Forum? Please contact the research managers!

Anna Karlström, Researcher in Conservation, +46498-108329

Joakim Andersson, Senior Lecurer in Conservation, +4670-1679946

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