Sustainable Campus Gotland

What does sustainability look like and how can we act to get there? At Campus Gotland, students and staff are working together to create ideas and solutions for a sustainable future.

Our online whiteboard shows ideas and visions collected to date, and provides a space for collaboration on sustainable initiatives on Campus.

Are you interested in getting involved or sharing ideas? Please contact us.

Food Rescue Gotland

Food Rescue Gotland is a non-profit organization initiated by students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland, with the mission of increasing food access and decreasing waste.

Rescued food is stored in the Green Room (E-house floor 4) and available for everyone to buy at a low price (donation). Your donations are crucial for Food Rescue Gotland's survival covering mission costs which the supermarket charges for picking up the food (average 180 SEK).

Food rescued by Food Rescue Gotland.

Volunteers are needed to bike from Campus to Stora Coop and back collecting excess food. In return you'll receive complimentary food and priority selection from the haul.

To participate, join Food Rescue Gotland on WhatsApp

Campus Gotland Community Kitchen, CG_CK

Campus Gotland Community Kitchen (CG_CK) is a student initiative with the ambition to offer sustainable and affordable meals based on food products with short dates or which have been sorted out by stores for cosmetic reasons. The initiative was financed by Uppsala University's Climate Pot in 2022. During 2022 and 2023, the Campus Gotland Community Kitchen served sustainability lunches at Gotland Student Union Rindi's union house in Visby.

Campus Gotland Community Kitchen on Instagram

Cheap sustainability-lunches for less food waste and a greater sense of community 2023-04-04 news

The Reuse Shelf

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We throw away too much stuff and generate too much waste.

To reduce pressure on the planet, we need to reduce our consumption and use what we already have for longer and more efficiently. With the Reuse Shelf, we're trying to get better at recycling things instead of throwing them away. Do you have something that you don't need but that someone else could use? Leave it here! But remember that the items must be whole and clean.

This initiative recognizes the second step of the waste hierarchy:

  1. Reduce (purchase)
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle

The Reuse Shelf is located on the ground floor in the B building.

A bike friendly campus

Do you need help with your bike? Now there is a toolbox to borrow for simple repairs on campus. Occasionally we also arrange workshops for students and staff who want to come together and fix their bikes. Follow Campus Gotland on social media for upcoming events.

To borrow the toolbox, please send an email to

Campus Kitchen Garden

More food need to be locally produced to tackle the sustainability challenges. But how to grow food in a small area in the city? The Campus Gotland Kitchen Garden is located just outside the main entrance and open to everyone.

E-mail: or

Kitchen Garden on WhatsApp

Campus Gotland Kitchen Garden on Facebook

B51 Äutsikten

We have built Sweden’s first climate-neutral lecture hall. The renovation of hall B51, with the new name Äutsikten, is one initiative to reduce our carbon footprint. The project has been financed by Uppsala University's Climate Pot.

More information about B51 Äutsikten

The section EnVis

Are you a member of the union and interested in sustainability issues? Then you should join the EnVis section that is part of the student union Rindi. Here, students in the environmentally oriented programs gather on campus, but all union members are welcome to join.


EnVis Facebook

EnVis Facebook group

GHOST - Gotland Headquarters of Sustainable Thinkers

GHOST gather students at Campus Gotland who want to engage in sustainability issues.


GHOST Facebook

GHOST Instagram

We are recycling

Reduce your waste and maximise the reuse of materials by using one of our 17 recycle stations at Campus.

Get involved!

Do you want to get in contact with someone who works with sustainability at Campus Gotland?

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