Education at Uppsala Antibiotic Center

At the heart of the Uppsala Antibiotic Center lies a dynamic research school designed to nurture the next generation of experts in the field of antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance. Through a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, our PhD students undergo a transformative educational journey, guided by the diverse array of activities offered by our center.

Our educational framework is built upon a foundation of research education, innovative courses, engaging seminars, and collaborative workshops. By participating in this vibrant academic environment, our students gain invaluable insights into the complexities of antibiotic resistance and the development of novel antimicrobial strategies, among many other topics.

As a hub for cutting-edge research and knowledge exchange, the Uppsala Antibiotic Center fosters a culture of collaboration and intellectual curiosity. Whether exploring the molecular mechanisms of resistance or addressing the global challenges of antimicrobial stewardship, our students are empowered to make meaningful contributions to the field.

Most of our educational activities are open to the bigger community, so make sure to check out our calendar for upcoming opportunities.