Student Ambassador

The role of the Student Ambassadors is to cooperate with the participating universities to serve as a contact person between their home university and its students and the BUP Coordinating Secretariat in Uppsala as well as the National Centre.

The Baltic University Programme aims to develop its communication and cooperation with each of its participating universities all over the Baltic Sea Region. Our primary communication path beside the BUP contact persons or coordinating staff at each participating university is through our BUP Student Ambassadors.

The value of cooperation

Cooperating with you as a Student Ambassador is of great value for the BUP. As a local student, you have unique insights about your university; how to best spread information and market BUP, how to reach potential colleagues and fellow students having an interest in certain BUP activities, what different needs and challenges the university face working with sustainability. These are some examples where your local knowledge and perspective is crucial to utilize the full potential of this large-scale regional cooperation in higher education which the BUP is undertaking.

Your role as a Student Ambassador

As the Student Ambassador of your home university, you are asked to promote BUP events and activities among your fellow students and academic staff. You could do so by extending our social media presence with your local channels, distributing leaflets, getting in touch with student organizations active at your home university, being present at university events as a BUP representative, or even giving a presentation about BUP at events where your university promotes internationalisation, such as different kinds of student mobilities (Erasmus+ and many more).

Within your role, you can have different focuses; communication, research, and events. Based on what you choose you will be able to work closely with students that share your interest and you will work together in an international context to promote and develop the BUP.

Past Student Ambassador contributions

Our Student Ambassadors have, among many things, contributed to our work with the BUP Research Notes Letter, our event reports, a BUP participating university sustainability report Pdf, 2 MB., material for social media such as an introduction video to the BUP for Instagram as well as ideas and suggestions for improvements to our events.

Your rewards

Apart from getting a unique chance to experience working in one of the world’s largest academic cooperation’s on an international level, and to take part in events focusing on a sustainable Baltic Sea Region, you will:

  • get the chance to network and, apart from making new international academic contacts, meet your future research and/or business partners
  • get a chance to show your regional ambitions, and contribute to establishing a network of BUP colleagues at your university
  • cooperate and have fun with other Ambassadors
  • receive an official certificate acknowledging your work for the BUP.

Structure of the semester

There are meetings with all Student Ambassadors throughout the semester, with possible discussion meetings in-between those meetings.

Requirements for this position

In order to apply for the position of Student Ambassador, you are required to be a student or PhD student at a BUP participating university. Moreover, you must have good English skills and a basic understanding of environmental or sustainability issues. The position is for one semester but many Student Ambassadors choose to continue for more semesters.

If you have any questions, please send an email the Coordinating Secretariat via

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Photo: Sylwester Nagorka