The CAPABLE (Common Academic Practices and Abilities in Learning for Research) project aims to provide knowledge, skills and network opportunities to PhD students completing their PhD at a BUP participating university and focusing on a sustainability topic relevant to the Baltic Sea Region. Accepted students will receive mentoring and feedback on their thesis, as well as training in academic development, such as academic writing, academic presentations, critical thinking, development of research arguments and much more.

CAPABLE PhD students training 2024

The main part of this project is an event focusing on PhD students, the CAPABLE PhD students training. The training has three parts.

  1. Online seminar series
  2. PhD student conference in Uppsala
  3. Online course on academic pedagogies

The Baltic University Programme cannot grant any ECTS for the training, however upon completion of the training, participants will be awarded with a certificate with the number of hours equivalent to 4 ECTS.

The project is financed by the Swedish Institute (SI) and The Baltic University Programme.

The last application day was 5 May 2024.

Online seminar series

Between September and November 2024, accepted PhD students will be welcomed to participate in a four-part seminar series, focusing on academic development and techniques. Each seminar is two hours long and will actively participate in each seminar part online using ZOOM. Accepted students are expected to actively participate in the seminar which contains lectures, discussion and exercises.

Seminar sessions:

  1. Academic writing, tips and tricks to become a better writer.
  2. Scientific presentations online and in real life, how to best present your research work.
  3. Research methods, innovation and startups, methodology for preparation of scientific articles.
  4. Research in landscape restoration and environmental sustainability, experiences from the field.

PhD student conference in Uppsala

All accepted PhD students are welcome to participate in a four day conference at Uppsala University, during which PhD students will give and receive input on their own work, as well as receive input from senior experts in their field. The training will also include a workshop in design thinking, sessions of scientific presentation, possibilities of publication and a networking event with local PhD students and researchers.

The project is a part of the SI Baltic Sea Neighbourhood Programme, a special call for Ukraine. We will welcome a total of 50 PhD students, 26 Ukrainian students and 24 students from BUP participating universities in other countries. All students will have their costs of accommodation and food covered, Ukrainian students will also receive financial support for their travels via the project.

The event takes place 11-14 November 2024.

Preliminary conference program. Pdf, 101 kB.

Pedagogical course for PhD students

All accepted PhD students have the possibility to attend an online course for pedagogies in higher education. The course will be given during spring term 2025, including both online lectures, seminars and individual reflections.

Project partners

The CAPABLE project is jointly organised by the following BUP partners:

  • Uppsala University (Sweden)
  • Ivan Franko National University of L’viv (Ukraine)
  • Lodz University of Technology (Poland)
  • V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine)
  • WSB University in Poznan (Poland)

Questions and more information

For questions regarding the application process please contact Project administrator Evan Goss via

For questions and more information regarding this project in general please contact Project coordinator Lyudmyla Babak via

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