RESCUU Work Package 1

Teachers in the target group will be provided with training in distance education and education for sustainable development. With training in distance education, they can work online more effectively, which is especially important during the war, when meetings at the class are dangerous or impossible. Training in education for sustainable development will be especially useful during the restoration of Ukraine after the war.

This Work Package began in February 2023.

Work Package 1.1

The course named 'Designing and Delivering Distance and Blended Teaching and Learning for teaching staff in Ukraine' aimed to assist Ukrainian teachers to conduct online education in difficult conditions was organized by The Baltic University Programme and the Unit for Academic Teaching and Learning, Uppsala University. We are grateful to course facilitators Geir Gunnlaugsson, Suzanne Pathkiller, and Mats Cullhed.

The course took part between 20 March and 15 June. Our page with project news.

Work Package 1.2

Within this work package, Ukrainian colleagues are invited to apply to attend the BUP Teachers’ Course which is coordinated by Åbo Akademi University. Together with a group of international university teachers from BUP member countries the Ukrainian colleagues will deepen their knowledge in ESD and have the opportunity to develop their international contacts.

The first workshop within the course was organised on 27-29 September 2023 in Riga, Latvia, with the support of Riga Technical University. Our page with project news.

The second workshop takes place on 18-19 March in Warsaw at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).

Work Package 1.3

During Autumn term 2023 a number of Ukrainian colleagues were granted places and joined the course Introduction to 'Education for Sustainable Development' (5 credits). The course was provided by The Baltic University Programme's Associated Secretariat in Finland together with the Open University at Åbo Akademi University (Turku/Finland).

The course content was focused on understanding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and how it broadens the holistic and interdisciplinary understanding of sustainability. The course was aimed to understand how competencies like critical thinking, future scenarios skills, and collaborative decision-making are promoted by ESD as well as the role of ESD in both formal and informal learning.

Full course description can be found at: