Anders Nilsson

Short presentation

This text is not available in English, therefore the Swedish version is shown.

Researcher and member of the Uppsala Smart Energy Research group (USER).


  • demand response
  • demand side management
  • efterfrågeflexibilitet
  • energy transitions
  • hållbar utveckling
  • smart grids
  • sustainable development


This text is not available in English, therefore the Swedish version is shown.

Current research projects:

AutoFlex - Automatic demand response and its effects on grid capacity and power tariffs. Is there a difference between collaborative optimization and single customer tariff optimization?

Sweden’s energy system needs to adapt to a new energy landscape with renewable production, decentralized distribution, and demand response. One of the biggest challenges is to build systems and create incentives for the purpose of enabling regular customers to be flexible. We suggest a project entailing that academia and industry work together with the inhabitants of Sala to identify existing barriers and develop strategies to overcome them. The project will study the feasibility of an automated demand response program from both a customer and system perspective, develop guidelines for grid operators implementing power tariffs, empirically demonstrate that capacity utilization can be increased by at least 15% without physical investments in the grid, and study the impact of choice of optimization strategy on the outcome for customer and grid. The project will provide increased knowledge on the technical, economic and social potential entailed in automated demand response.

Anders Nilsson