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Researcher at Centre for Multidisciplinary Research on Religion and Society (CRS)

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Researcher at Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism

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Short presentation

Anna-Sara Lind is Professor of Public Law at the Faculty of Law. Her research focuses on public law, EU law and fundamental rights and on how EU law and international law interacts in the fields of welfare state law and digitalization in a complex constitutional reality. She is leading and is involved in several national and international multidisciplinary research projects.

Lind is Scientific leader at the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research on Religion and Society (CRS), Uppsala University.


Born 1977

Professor of Public Law from 1st of January 2018

LL.M. (Jur. kand.) 2003

LL.D. 2009

Associate Professor of Public Law, 2014

Deputy Director Impact of Religion: challenges for society, law and democracy, May 2014-

Project leader Faculty of Theology, January 2016-

Internal Appointments

Director of Studies (Research), 1 July 2011-31 Dec. 2012

Course Director Term 1/JIK II 2009-2011, 2013

Course Director Information och rätt (IoR) 2009-

Course Director Indirect leadership 2009-2011

EMA Director 2011-

Member Research Committee, 2020-

Member Faculty Board, 2014-2020

Chair of the Doctoral Student association at the Faculty of Law, 2005-2006.

Vice Chair of the Doctoral Student association at the Faculty of Law 2004-2005.

Member of the Research Committe 2004-2006.

Member of the Faculty Board 2006

Co-supervisor Lars Karlander (constitutional law ), disp.18 May 2018, Faculty of law, UU

Supervisor to Yana Litins'ka (Medical law ), disp. 12 December 2018,Faculty of law, UU.

Co-supervisor Annette Juhlin, Legal History, 2019-

External appointments

Co-supervisor to Nicole Pikram, Arisotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, disp. 2 July 2019

Co-supervisor to Tim Holappa (Public law), disp. 15 September 2023, Faculty of law, Stockholm university

Member of examination committee doctoral thesis defense, Anne Kjersti Befring, Oslo University, 2019

Member of examination committee doctoral thesis defense, Margrét Vala Kristjansdottír, Oslo University, 2019

Member of examination committee doctoral thesis defense, Lena Enqvist, Umeå University, 2019

Member of examination committee doctoral thesis defense, Stanley Greenstein, Stockholm University, 2017

Opponant at doctoral thesis defense, Moa Kindström Dahlin, Stockholm University, 2014

Opponant at doctoral thesis defense, Therese Bäckman, Göteborg University, 2013

Member of the Migration Agency Ethical Board (2018-)

Research and Teaching Interests

Constitutional Law, Public Law, EU Law, human rights, Public international law.


Martin H:son Holmdahl Human Rights Award 2016

Kungliga vetenskapssocietetens Benzeliusbelöning 2010 (för avhandlingen Sociala rättigheter i förändring - en konstitutionellrättslig studie)

Teaching experience

Term 1, term 6 (EU Law, Administrative Law), term 4 (Criminal Law), Juridisk introduktionskurs med IT-stöd.

Advanced level courses: Makt och rätt , Likabehandling och diskriminering, Information och rätt, Mänskliga rättigheter, Democracy and Human Rights, European Labour Law, EU Law and the Internal Market, Internationella organisationer


Introduction to Swedish Law

Föreläsare på Polishögskolan samt Miljörätt 5 p.


This text is not available in English, therefore the Swedish version is shown.

Contributivism - On Practices, Debates and Attitudes About Grounding Democratic Inclusion on Economic Contributions (2019-2022)

Mer information, se Contributivism-projektet.

Contributivism is the idea that economic contribution grounds political influence in the form of franchise. This project investigates institutional embodiments and political prospects of this idea in the EU today. The institutional forms we study include legal practices that make economic contributions a ground for enfranchisement either directly, as in citizenship-by-investment program that give direct access to franchise, or indirectly as in investment immigration policies. We focus primarily on the first kind, common in Eastern and Southern Europe. Then we look at the political prospects of contributivism spreading to other parts of the EU. Four countries – UK, Germany, France, and Italy – are investigated. In order to establish these prospects, we examine what law-makers claim by studying parliamentary debates on voting rights for foreign residents and non-resident citizens, and then we probe contributivist attitudes in the electorate. The research design combines theory development with systematic empirical studies: in-depth comparative studies of the laws enabling “citizenship for sale”, medium-N cross-national analysis of parliamentary debates and surveys on popular attitudes by means of conjoint analyses. This methodology was chosen because we need a multidisciplinary approach and cross-national comparisons to understand how contributivism is currently practiced and if it is making a come-back, which we suspect it may.

Finansieras av Vetenskapsrådet

Artificial intelligence, democracy and human dignity, 2020-2024

Project leader. More information, see AI

Financed by the Wallenberg foundations.

Protestant Legacies in Nordic Law: Uses of the Past in the Construction of the Secularity of Law" (ProNoLa)

Finansieras genom det europeiska samarbetet HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area)

Forskargruppen från Sverige består av docent Anna-Sara Lind (Juridiska institutionen, Uppsala), jur. dr Victoria Enkvist (Juridiska institutionen, Uppsala universitet), docent Cecilia Wejryd (Teologiska institutionen, Uppsala universitet) samt professor emeritus Kjell-Åke Modéer (Juridiska institutionen, Lunds universitet). Anna-Sara Lind är ansvarig för den svenska delen i detta projekt som består av forskare från Norge, Danmark, Finland, Sverige och Tyskland. Totalt fick projektet 1,1 miljoner euro i finansiering. 2016-2019.

Exploring Citizenship

Tillsammans med Jonas Hultin Rosenberg (statsvetenskapliga institutionen), Johan Wejryd (statsvetenskapliga institutionen) och Patricia Mindus (filosofiska institutionen). Projektet pågår 2017-2019.

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