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Associate professor, and director of studies for PhD studies at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström. Ann Magnuson has a longstanding experience in research on artificial photosynthesis for energy production, and is vice chair of the Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis. Her research focuses on photosynthesis, and redox tuning in electron transfer proteins.

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  • artificial photosynthesis
  • hydrogenases
  • photosynthesis
  • solar fuels
  • sunergy
  • water oxidation


Ann Magnuson has been a member of the Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis since 1995, and attained its vice-chair in 2021. Her research interests cover natural and artificial photosynthesis, in particular electron paramagnetic resonance studies of Photosystem II and light-induced electron transfer in molecular donor-acceptor assemblies.

Ann Magnuson took her Ph.D. in biochemistry at Lund University in 1998. After post-doctoral studies at University of California, Davis and Michigan State University, she received a position as assistant professor at Lund University. As assistant professor she continued the development and characterization of biomimetic manganese complexes for water oxidation. Using EPR spectroscopy coupled to laser flash photolysis as principal technique, she investigated electron transfer reactions in ruthenium-manganese and ruthenium-tyrosine donor-photosensitizer systems. In 2004, she moved to Uppsala University, and initiated a reseach project on bioenergetics of heterocystous cyanobacteria. Her main interest in this area is redox tuning of electron transfer chains in photosynthesis and hydrogenase enzymes.

Ann Magnuson has taken many commissions as expert for the U.S. DoE, the Swedish Energy Agency and the European Commission. After actively participating in the EU-funded project SUNRISE in 2019-2020, she was invited to the executive board of the follow-up network initiative SUNERGY. In 2022 SUNERGY received funding from the EC for a three-year project ("SUNER-C") to prepare for a large-scale European initiative on solar fuels and chemicals.


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