Lars-Henrik Eriksson

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I teach programming and theory of programming language. I am also Distinguish University Teacher, pedagogical mentor and programme coordinator for the Master Programme in Computer Science.

My research interest is within application of logic to computer science -- particularly the use of formal methods for software development.


  • computer science
  • computing science
  • datalogi
  • datavetenskap
  • formal methods
  • formella metoder
  • logic in computer science
  • logik i datavetenskap
  • programmering
  • programmeringsspråk
  • programming
  • programming languages



I am a Distinguished University Teacher and also a pedagogical mentor, that is a member of the university Collegium of Mentors. I teach Computing Science on both basic and advanced levels. The forms of teaching I use the most are projects, seminars, labs and lectures. I also review undergraduate theses.

I am a pedagogical mentor because I feel that teaching -- meeting the students -- is enjoyable and discussing teaching with colleagues is almost even more fun.


Courses I currently teach:

  • Advanced Functional Programming
  • Imperative and Object-Oriented Programming Methodology

Courses I have previously taught:

  • Basic Programming with Didactic Specialisation for Teachers
  • Functional Programming
  • Provably Correct Software
  • Program Design (Programming Methodology 1)
  • Program Design and Data Structures
  • Programming Methodology 2
  • Semantics of Programming Languages
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering Project


Refer to a separate section for information about my research.


From 2004 to 2018 I was the Head of the Division of Computing Science of the Department of Information Technology. From 2020 on I am the Programme Coordinator for the Master Programme in Computer Science.


Before I had my position at Uppsala University, I worked eight years as a consultant and still do occasional consultancy projects. I have primarily worked with risk analysis and applications of formal methods to railway signalling. I have semiprofessional competence in railway signalling. Among other things I have worked with a project within the Swedish Transport Administration about risk analysis for the implementation of ETCS/ERTMS in Sweden.

I am a partner in Nya Industrilogik SW AB. I was co-founder, board member and technical advisor to Industrilogik L4i AB -- today merged with Prover Technology AB.


I have a Private Pilot License with Instrument Rating (PPL/IR). My total flight time is about 1100 hours. I am also the chairman of the (powered) flying club in Uppsala, Motorflygarna Uppsala Flygklubb and teach ground school for the Private Pilot License.

In my spare time I also design, build and maintain relay-based signalling systems for the preserved railroad Uppsala-Lenna Järnväg. I am also a traffic controller for that railway.


My research interests include the use of logic in Computer Science. I have worked with theory and implementation of Logic Programming, Interactive Theorem Proving, Logical Frameworks and Formal Methods (Specification, Verification and Synthesis). I have also done work on methodology for the application of Formal Methods.

Most recently, my work has been on the use of application domain theories in formal methods and on formalising proofs within concurrency theory using Isabelle.

For more information on our research in these areas, refer to and

I am a board member of Formal Methods Europe and was Programme Committee Co-Chair for the FME symposium 2002 (part of FLoC'02).


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