About the Department of Chemistry - Ångström


About us

At the Department of Chemistry - Ångström we conduct both research and education:

  • Research at the department is divided into six research programmes: Physical chemistry, Molecular biomimetics, Macromolecular chemistry, Structural chemistry, Inorganic chemistry and Synthetic molecular chemistry.
  • The department also offers education, on both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. The education is strongly linked to the research programmes, in collaboration between the different programmes and other departments. Together with the Department of Chemistry - BMC, we offer one of Sweden's best education in chemistry. We are jointly responsible for the bachelor's program and the master's program in chemistry at Uppsala University. The Section of Chemistry is also responsible for the civil engineering education in chemical engineering, together with departments within the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The department is led by our Head of department, Tim Melander-Bowden, together with Deputy Head of department, Pia Lindberg, as well as a management team and a Department board. Each research programme is led by a program professor (professor in charge of research).

The education in chemistry is coordinated by Felix Ho. Fredrik Björefors and Anders Thapper are Directors of studies for the undergraduate education and Ann Magnusson for the postgraduate education.

The department in numbers

The Department of chemistry - Ångström was formed in 2012 when the departments within the chemical section were merged into two, one per campus area: Chemistry - Ångström and chemistry - BMC.

At the turn of the year 2023/2024, 273 people worked at the department - 158 men and 115 women.

Find your way

As the name indicates, our department is located at the Ångström laboratory.

Visting address
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, Uppsala

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