Collaboration at Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Current collaborations (a selection)

The Collaboration for Prevention and Treatment of Multi-Drug Resistant Bacterial Infections (COMBINE)

COMBINE is a European collaboration in which eleven partners from academia and the pharmaceutical industry are paving the way for more efficient development of new antibiotics. Anders Karlén, Professor of Computer-Aided Drug Design, coordinates the project in which Uppsala University, among other things, coordinates communication and has a prominent role in designing a preclinical reference model for antibiotic development.

Contact • COMBINE
Anders Karlén
, coordinator
Professor, Computer-Aided Drug Design,, +46 (0)70-167 9177

European infrastructure for translational medicine (EATRIS)

EATRIS is a European infrastructure for the development of medical therapies and tools. With the Swedish node at our Faculty of Pharmacy, we have direct access to an effective link between industry and academia, as well as a unique network with selcted partners in both Europe and the world.

Contact • EATRIS
Ulrika Bäckman
, National coordinator
Office for Medicine and Pharmacy, +46 (0)70-1679474


ENABLE-2 is a platform supporting early stages of development of direct-acting systemic antibacterial compounds, conducted at Swedish academia and SME:s. ENABLE-2 is a national extension of the IMI-project ENABLE with financial support from the Swedish Research Council and Sweden's National Research Program on Antibiotic Resistance. In Uppsala, we contribute with overall management of ENABLE-2, medicinal chemistry, molecular modelling and microbiology.

Contact • ENABLE-2
Anders Karlén
, coordinator
Professor, Computer-Aided Drug Design,, +46 (0)70-167 9177


SweDeliver is a world leading research and competence center in parenteral, oral and pulmonary drug delivery, an area with great potential. SweDeliver is founded on interdisciplinary collaboration between academia and 16 industry partners with financial support from Vinnova. The Faculty of Pharmacy at Uppsala University is the center's academic hub.

Contact • SweDeliver
Christel Bergström
, Center Director
Professor, Molecular Pharmaceutics, +46 (0)18-471 4118

Our collaborations

We conduct a significant share of our operations in collaboration with the wider community. Our partners are close: at our own Faculty of Pharmacy, at Uppsala University's Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital, but also far beyond regional and national borders.

Our research with a focus on how specific substances can be developed into the drugs of the future, as well as our extensive experience in coordinating Swedish and global knowledge consortia and infrastructures make us an attractive asset in international pharmacy. Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more about our current collaborations.

Anders karlén, koordinator ENABLE-2