Work Environment Group

Systematic environment work covers all work environment conditions, i.e. physical, social and organizational work environment conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a definition of work environment that reads: "Work environment is a collective term for biological, medical, physiological, psychological, social and technical factors that affect the individual in the work situation or in the workplace environment."

Successful environment work is based on cooperation between employer and employee. It is important to know which role is responsible for what.

  • The employer has a responsibility to run systematic environment work.
  • Employees and students have a responsibility to participate in the environment work and to point out deficiencies in the working environment that are discovered.
  • An employee safety representative represents the employees' interests in various work environment issues at the workplace, and is a member of the work environment committee.
  • The work environment group must have representation from all corporations and must help the head of the department to carry out the systematic work environment work.
  • The safety committee at Uppsala University is called the collaboration group for work environment (SVAM).

Uppsala University also collaborates with the occupational health service (Falck), which is the employer's extra resource in work environment matters.

The work environment group

In order for environment work to function, there must be a work environment group at each institution/equivalent, where employees and employers meet regularly and collaborate on work environment issues that affect their own operations. The work environment group consists of employers and employees, including at least one safety representative. If not all managers participate in the work environment group meetings, it is important to have routines for how the management group/equivalent is kept informed and made involved in the work environment work.

Composition of the work environment group:

Hanne Fjelde (Safety representative)

Marga Sollenberg (Researcher/teacher)

Herman Wieselgren (PhD student)

Liana Lopes (TA)

Helena Millroth (Human resources coordinator, employer representative and convener of meetings)