About the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities and social sciences educate and train future company executives, game designers, politicians, teachers, dieticians, translators, historians, librarians and psychologists and many, many more. Humanities and social sciences encompasses a great number of different occupations and the subject knowledge needed to develop society.

What is special about humanities and social sciences at Uppsala University is its huge breadth and diversity combined with in-depth subject knowledge. We have, for example, the largest range of languages, around 40, and the research we do is successful research. A number of evaluations have adjudged our research to be competitive and the best in the world.

The prime purpose of education and research within the humanities and social sciences is to understand and describe:

  • how people’s perceptions and knowledge are shaped over time
  • social and cultural factors in human behaviour
  • progress and developments within society
  • causes and effects of human actions and organisations

Contacts with other universities around the world, companies and official bodies are a natural part of our daily activities. Students within our disciplines study for one or more terms at academic institutions in different parts of the world as part of an extensive exchange scheme.

Faculties and units in the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences

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