For students

As a student, you can learn about the university's unique cultural heritage and actively participate in the museum's activities in various ways. The collections stores accept interns every semester but are also open if you want to study an object in the collections or need help with an essay topic. You can visit exhibitions in the museum, which is free of charge for all students at Uppsala University. There is also the opportunity to work extra as a student guide.

Internship at the collections

Are you studying at Uppsala University and want to do an intership at the museum? Gustavianum is happy to accept interns at the art, historical or coin collections. If you are interested in a intership, contact your department, which provides contact with the respective collection at the museum.

Read interviews with our former interns

A student stands at a table and examines a scientific instrument.

Intern Hilda Magnerus from The Master Programmes in History examines a galvanometer from the early 20th century.

Folder med Gustavianums uppsatser.

Essay topics

Gustavianum's collections are open to all students. If you have questions or would like to pay a visit, you are welcome to contact the respective collection store. We are happy to discuss ideas with students who are writing papers. In consultation with your department, we can suggest a topic related to our collections. In addition to immersing oneself in an interesting subject, it is a good opportunity to get to know Gustavianum.

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