For teachers

For teachers at Uppsala University, Gustavianum offers several opportunities to use our collections for different types of lessons. Teaching based on actual objects can inspire and engage students and complement classroom studies.

Teaching at the collection stores

It is possible to hold free seminars for 15 students at a time in our study rooms. Students will be guided in practical object handling. Contact the respective collection store if you are interested or have questions.

Two students make their own creations after studying antique ceramics at the Historical Collections.

First-year students from the bachelor's program in Archeology make their own creations after studying ancient ceramics at the Historical Collections.

En grupp personer tittar på föremål i en monter.

Teaching in exhibitions

It is possible to hold classes at the museum, free of charge. Or combine a visit to both the collection stores and the museum. Visits should be booked through the museum booking.

Internships at the collections

Do your students want to do an internship at Gustavianum?

Each semester, Gustavianum accepts students who wish to do a internship at one of our collection stores. During an internship, students get the opportunity to work practically with the collections, supervised by a museum curator. The tasks usually involve digitization, handling and inventory of objects among other tasks. If you have an interested student, contact the relevant collection store. The student must then send in a short presentation of themselves, as well as a CV.