Request a digital copy

You can order digital copies of any items in the Library's collections that are not protected by copyright. This means that you get a high quality digital copy, but also that we catalogue and make the material available to the public in Alvin.

Before you make a request

Make sure that the material has not already been digitised. Search in

  • Alvin – platform for digital collections and digitised cultural heritage
  • DiVA – repository for research publications and student thesis. Including a large number of dissertations from Uppsala University from 1602 onwards.

Make a request

Use the Digitisation Request Form

An entire book printed before 1930 and no longer protected by copyright can easily be ordered directly from the catalogue via the eBooks on Demand (EoD) service. The EoD service is available in the Library Search Tool, Catalogue -1962 and Libris. Materials marked with the EOD link may be requested (see example below).

EoD logo.
Person som digitaliserar ett äldre tryck

When you order digital copies, we normally deliver the following:

  • TIFF 400–800 ppi (for detailed study and publication)
  • PDF 200 ppi (for reference and research, collects multiple pages in one file)

For other formats, larger orders and projects, please contact the Library for price and delivery time.

Digital copies:



Single copies from books and manuscripts, maps, letters etc.

SEK 20

SEK 100

Entire works such as manuscripts or photo albums, consisting of five or more pages


SEK 100

Exceptional materials

(large format A1–A0, delicate or time-consuming material)

SEK 100

SEK 100

Books printed before 1920
via eBooks on Demand (EOD)


SEK 100

The price is always per page. Double-page spreads can be provided where the condition of the source material allows.


  • Digital files are delivered by email. You will receive an email notification containing a download link to the files.
  • Prints on A4 or A3 paper will be offered if the item is in copyright (SEK 5 per page).
  • Delivery time is normally 5–10 working days. Express delivery (delivery within 5 days) is possible by agreement and for an additional cost of 100% per object.


  • Payment may be made by debit/credit card or invoice.
  • If you choose card, we will email you a link to a secure online card payment system.
  • If you choose invoice we will email you a link to your invoice.


Each book has a start fee of SEK 100 plus SEK 3 for each page.


  • The book will be scanned page by page and delivered as a PDF file (via e-mail) that has been created using OCR.
  • You may also request a printed copy.
  • Books are normally delivered within 10 business days.
  • The book will be delivered once payment is received.


  • You will be notified when the book is ready for payment and delivery.
  • Payment is made with credit card.

Terms of publication

The Library does not claim copyright, but we would like you to mention Uppsala University Library in the caption or in the list of images. The reference to the source can be written as follows:
Author: [author's name], the original belongs to Uppsala University Library, [shelfmark or location].

If the work depicted is protected by copyright, you need written authorisation from the copyright holder.

The protection period for a work is for 70 years after the year of the death of the author. This means that if the author died in March 2000, all of that person’s production (irrespective of year of publication) is protected until after the end of 2071. Anonymous works are protected for 70 years after they have been made available to the public. After the protection period has ended, the work can be freely used.

You will find more information about copyright on the following websites, as well as contact details of copyright organisations that can answer any questions you may have.


Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige
Bildleverantörernas förening
Swedish Association of Professional Photographers


Bonus Copyright Access (about copying/copying agreements)
Alis (use of texts, irrespective of medium)
Sveriges Författarförbund
Svenska Journalistförbundet
Sveriges Läromedelsförfattares Förbund
The Swedish Publishers’ Association (SvF)


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