The GaW team

Current team members

The project leader of GaW is Professor Maria Ågren. The major part of the funding has been secured in Maria Ågren's position as a Wallenberg Scholar and a Rådsprofessor of The Swedish Research Council. Maria Ågren presents and represents the project in many international and national contexts. She is responsible for the budget and funding of the project.

Jonas Lindström and Karin Hassan Jansson are the research leaders of the project. They are responsible for seminars, workshops and meetings but mainly focus on GaW research. Jonas Lindström is also in charge of further developing the GaW database.

There are four PhD students in the project:

  • Sigrid Ejemar writes her dissertation on the livelihoods of minorities in Denmark-Norway in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
  • Jezzica Israelsson writes her dissertation on on women's and men's petitions in eitheenth and nineteenth century Sweden.
  • Caroline Lindroth writes her dissertation on how women and men supported themselves in and around Sala silver mine from the late eighteenth to the late nineteenth century
  • Carolina Menker writes her dissertation on how old people supported themselves and were supported by others in the eighteenth century.

Sofia Ling is the project coordinator. She leads the work of research assistants and trainees and works with quality assurance of the database content. Linnea Henningsson works as a research assistant. She transcribes court records from the Swedish province of Västmanland and registers cases in the database. Örjan Kardell is a research assistant and researcher. He mainly works on the petition project (coordinated by GaW), where he registers and indexes petitions sent to the Governor’s Administration of the province of Örebro in the 18th century.

Previous members and associated

  • Almqvist, Ingrid, the advisory board of the database
  • Bennett, Judith (USA), scientific advisory board
  • Brun, Anders, image analysis
  • Bujokova, Eliska (UK), guest researcher
  • Dahlqvist, Bengt, the advisory board of the database
  • Danielsson, Bo, the advisory board of the database
  • Dober, Birgit (Austria), guest researcher
  • Edin, Per-Anders, the advisory board of the database
  • Edvinsson, Sören, the advisory board of the database
  • Eibach, Joachim (Switzerland), scientific advisory board
  • Ejemar, Sigrid, trainee
  • Engblom, Robin (Finland), registrator
  • Erickson, Amy Louise (UK), guest researcher, scientific advisory board
  • Falk, Markus, research assistant
  • Fiebranz, Rosemarie, researcher
  • Florin, Christina, scientific advisory board
  • Grandin, Jenny, transcriber
  • Gräslund Berg, Elisabeth, researcher
  • Hailwood, Mark (UK), scientific advisory board
  • Hardwick, Julie (USA), guest researcher
  • Hofmeester, Karin (the Netherlands), guest researcher
  • Holgersson, Ulrika, scientific advisory board
  • Hunt, Margaret, scientific advisory board
  • Jacobsson, Benny, researcher
  • Jansson, Daniel, transcriber
  • Karlsson, Jessica, transcriber
  • Laske, Caroline (Belgium), guest researcher
  • Lennersand, Marie, researcher
  • Lindegren, Jan, scientific advisory board
  • Lindström, Dag, researcher
  • Lindqvist, Ellinor, computational linguistics
  • Mattisson, Anki, the advisory board of the database
  • Mispelaere, Jan, researcher
  • Nivre, Joakim, computational linguistics, the advisory board of the database
  • Ogilvie, Sheilagh (UK), guest researcher
  • Oja, Linda, forskare, databasens referensgrupp
  • Pettersson, Eva, computational linguistics
  • Pettersson, Niklas, trainee
  • Pettersson, Thorleif, the advisory board of the database
  • Pierik, Bob (the Netherlands), guest researcher
  • Pihl, Christopher, PhD student and researcher
  • Prytz, Cristina, researcher
  • Rafai, Romain, trainee
  • Rogers, John, the advisory board of the database
  • Runefelt, Leif, scientific advisory board
  • Rydén, Göran, researcher
  • Sandvik, Hilde (Norway), scientific advisory board
  • Sarasúa, Carmen (Spain), guest researcher
  • Sennefelt, Karin, scientific advisory board
  • Shepard, Alexandra (UK), scientific advisory board
  • Söderberg, Johan, scientific advisory board
  • Torstendahl, Rolf, scientific advisory board
  • Ulväng, Marie, researcher
  • Wahlberg, Fredrik, image analysis
  • Vainio-Korhonen, Kirsi (Finland), guest researcher, scientific advisory board
  • van den Heuvel, Danielle (the Netherlands), scientific advisory board
  • Wienberg, Asger, trainee
  • Wilkinson, Tomas, image analysis
  • Vorminder, Sarah, trainee and research assistant
  • Wærn-Carlsson, Carl Mikael, researcher
  • Åhlman, Christoffer, PhD student
  • Österberg, Eva, scientific advisory board
  • Östholm, Hanna, researcher
  • Östman, Ann-Catrin (Finland), guest researcher, scientific advisory board