Student areas

Temperature and ventilation

Temperature and ventilation in the Ångström laboratory are controlled according to special schedules. If you think it is too cold or hot somewhere at Ångström, send in an error report to Akademiska hus. In many places in the house, it is possible to start the ventilation for two hours at a time via a button if you are in the house outside office hours.

Study places

In the Ångström laboratory there are many nice study places ranging from lively and social environments to completely secluded and quiet places.

  • Study places in public spaces can be found in building 10 in the library and on floors K1, 0 and 1. You are also welcome to study at the tables at Restaurang Rullan and Café Ångström at all times except weekdays between 11-13.
  • Slightly more secluded and quiet seating areas can be found in many places in building 1 (the "corridor" in the middle of the Ångström laboratory that connects all the buildings).
  • Study places are also available in UTN's union building Uthgård.
  • Quiet study spaces are available in building 4, floor 0.

Group rooms

Group rooms are available in buildings 1, 2, 4 and 8 on floor 0 and in building 10 on floor 1 and can be booked online (only in Swedish). Booked group rooms must be used within 15 minutes. If the group has not arrived, the room may be taken over by another group.

Computer rooms

The following computer rooms are available at Ångström laboratory:

You are welcome to use the computers when teaching is not conducted in the hall. For those with a campus card, the computer rooms are available 24 hours a day. You log into the computers with your student account (username and password A).

If you have questions about the student account and/or campus card, you are welcome to the reception desk in building 10 near the main entrance.

Student kitchens

You are welcome to eat your lunch box in one of the Ångström laboratory's student kitchens, which are located in different parts of the building:

  • House 1, the southern part, floor K1
  • House 8, floor 0
  • House 8, floor 1
  • House 9, floor 0
  • House 10, floor K1
  • House 10, floor 0
  • House 10, floor 1.

In these kitchens there are microwave ovens and the possibility to wash your lunch box and sort your waste.

Student lockers

On floor K1 there are lockers that you as a student can borrow from the start of the semester in September to the end of the semester in June. You lock the cabinet with your own padlock.

The locker must be emptied and the padlock removed by June 20 at the latest. Lockers that are locked after this date will be broken open and any items left behind will be handed over to reception.

Changing rooms and nursing stations

Changing rooms with shower is available in

Nursing stations are available at two of Ångström's toilets:

Resting rooms

Resting rooms are a place for temporary rest when needed, for example if you feel unwell or have a headache. All rooms are equipped with a sink and an emergency button. To enter the rest rooms, you borrow a card from reception. There are five rest rooms in the Ångström laboratory:

Please remember that the rest rooms are unmanned, so arrange with someone to come check on you if you think you might need it. If you use the emergency button, it may take 30 minutes before a response/help arrives. The emergency button is connected to Uppsala University's security contractor.

Housekeeping cleans the rest rooms when necessary. In addition, the superintendent regularly checks the rest rooms and what is in them. If something is missing or not working in the room, you are welcome to email

Serenity room

A place for spirituality, prayer and meditation can be found in the Ångström laboratory, room 1K1667 (farthest south on floor K1). The room is available during the day from 7 am to 5 pm and cannot be booked.

The terrace

In building 10 on floor 2 there is a terrace with a nice view and tables, chairs and benches that you have access to via your campus card.

The terrace is divided into two parts. As a student, you can book the right part for events connected to UTN. In TimeEdit you can see if and when the terrace is booked, but it can only be booked at the reception.

All forms of smoking are prohibited on the terrace.